Of Course I Started With Daddy.

When I was younger I was a big daddy's girl.  He was so paranoid about me growing up and knowing about things like sex and periods and all that, whereas my mom was cool and laid back.  When I was nine I told his girlfriend I knew what a period was and later he confronted me, I was so embarrassed and denied everything.  He used to take me to the doctor and later that same year, I was still nine, she was examining me and asked if I'd started my period yet and I overheard him that night telling my grandma that he did not want me getting asked those things LOL!  Well I always prayed I would start my period when I was with my mom.  The summer of 2001 I was eleven, nearly twelve, and I started having bad ovarian cramping.  It was my first ovulation, I now know that. 

Well several weeks later I went to my dad's on the weekend, like always.  We were house sitting for his gf's parents.  I remember being unusually horny in their pool that saturday.  I always get really horny before my period and while I'm on it.  Well at one point I went in the house to pee and noticed a tiny reddish brown dot in my panties.  I knew it was coming soon, plus the cramps I was feeling were getting worse.  But I thought, oh I have a few more days.  WRONG!  After I was totally done swimming and grinding against foam pool noodles, I went in and changed into my favorite pair of shorts.  Any takers on guessing what color they were?

White is right.  So I sat down to watch a movie in my pretty white shorts and the cramps were bad.  I was sitting indian style, I looked down and saw a big reddish brown line in the crotch of my shorts.  I jumped up and ran to the bathroom.  When I pulled down my pants there was bright red blood in my panties.  I freaked!  I didn't wanna tell my dad, and him and his gf were fighting so I was afraid to approach her.  But I knew I had to.  I went in the kitchen where they were yelling and I said, "Umm, I think..." and was pointing down there LOL!  She was like, Oh!  Then she rushed me upstairs to the bathroom and looked at my panties and by that point there was way more blood. 

She confirmed it with my dad and he was all teary eyed and called the whole entire family!  EVERYONE!  I was mortified.  He even called my uncle.  It was embarrassing.

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WTH? Man that sucks. <br />
Yeah parents can be quite crazy sometimes. lol I know my mom was sometimes lol

It was insane. One time I was asleep in the room with my older cousin and she woke up before me and locked the door so she could change. When my dad decided to come in the room and realized it was locked, he went crazy banging on the door and screaming. I knew I would get in trouble because she was standing there with no top on, even though she was like that when I woke up. I got a spanking for that!

OMG tht's what my mom was like! lol she never ever wanted us to close our doors for anything! ha ha ha

Yeah he was so overprotective it was crazy. He used to make me keep doors open when I was in a bedroom playing with friends. If we locked doors I got in trouble!

wow.... my goodness your father was overprotective.<br />
man I can see how you didn't want to tell him ha ha ha I was at school when it happened to me and I was really embaressed too (good thing my teacher was a girl... lol)