On My Sister's Behalf (because It's Funny!).

Well my sister didn't start hers until she was 14, just like our mom.  I remember it all too well.  We were getting ready for school, and I'd been predicting she'd start her period soon.  She used to fake me out and say she'd started and then say, JK!  So when she ran in the room and said she'd started, I was like, shut up!  Then she said, come look at my panties then!  So, being her sister, I checked them out and sure enough they were bloody.  So we had to go out to the car and tell our mom she needed pads.  We went to the grocery store and bought two packs of pads for her.

My sister is very easily embarrassed about things (I have to pay for her thongs in stores because she's too embarrassed to take them to the register) so she put a few pads in her purse and said she refused to take the grocery store bag containing the two packs of pads to school.  Well, it was friday which is the day her stepmom picks her up from school to take her to her dad's house, so she wouldn't be able to go home and pick up her pads if my mom dropped them off.  The only available situation was for me to carry that bag into school with me!  Since my school was next door to hers, her stepmom could drive her by me and pick them up at 3 that day.  So here I was, carrying a grocery bag, which are surprisingly transparent when you've got two blue packs of pads.

All day my friends were like, "Why are carrying all those pads around?" and "Don't you wear tampons yet?!?"

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lol! that sucks but its still kinda funny :P