When I Was Twelve

It was the summer between sixth and seventh grade. I was expecting to get my period soon because I had had breast since I was nine and I was discharging. So it was Sunday and I got home from church and went to the bathroom. I was done peeing and wiped. I glanced at the toilet paper and saw a little blood. I knew. I had worn red underwear and so I didn't know about my undies. I called my best friend who had already gotten hers and I went over to her house. She gave me a pantyliner and I told my mom by texting her. I was lucky though. For the first five months, I only used liners. BUT they lasted ten days apiece. But now i am in love with the always infinity and they only last five days.
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no i meant that it lasted ten days at firsts...

im am sorry to say but u are one nasty B.I U Use ! Pantyliner for 10 daiiz and 1 pad for 5??!!! ewwwwwww and this is deniesha not meisha me and my sister share this account

Do you mean that you used one panty liner for 10 days or like wat r ya saying and i wish i had your flow however i didnt get so lucky