I Was Late For Mine At 15

I started my period late as I was fifteen years old. Everyone else had theirs and I remember I was so eager to know what it was like to officially 'be a woman'. I remember having some pain in my abdomen and going to the toilet to see a little bit of blood. I came out to tell my mum, ecstatic about it... goodness knows why!

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Oh I got mine yesturday, im 13 at june 18. :p blahh, I hate it.. I teared up a little because im not a girl anymore. im a women. I don't feel that way, im just glad I had mine at my house, in the summer.

oh my...im 11 years old right now, i got my period yesterday june 15, i was so exited about getting it bc 3 friends of mine had it..but ohmygod right now i wish i ddnt have it at all! im so uncomterble!