Scariest Moment Ever!!


I was 8 years old turning 9 when I got my first period at that age I didn’t know anything about it we hadn’t talked about it at school and my mother hadn’t got to the talk about periods, it was a week night, I can’t remember the day it was so long ago, but I had gone to the bathroom and when I stood up there was blood in the toilet and I had no idea what was going on all I knew is that I was bleeding and that is never good, and started having a panic attack in the bathroom,  I walked out of the bathroom and instead of going to see my mother as girls do when they get there period but seen I didn’t know it was my period I went to my dad, who was asleep in bed at the time I had to make it more complicated so I went and sat on my parents bed and woke dad up and said dad I think I’m dying and then I told in and in no time flat dad had called my mum and they explained that I had my period not my father’s finest moment lol  so the next day I went to school and of course my mother had to tell my teacher and the first few years of my period I bleed so heavy that it would go through everything I was wearing let’s just say I had some very embarrassing days at school when my period started and seen I was the youngest girl to get it at my school, they had to explain to the other students what a period was that was even more embarrassing

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i grew hair (armpits and groin) quite a while before getting my first period

Oh Boy ā€” tough times back then: wow!<br />
And you got through the rest of Primary school ?<br />
So sorry it went right through what ever you were wearing at the time.<br />
Just the chance of genes/life that some are younger and that some are older when the first period comes around.<br />
<br />
By the way,<br />
I'm still curious, does pubic hair (armpits and/or groin) typically arrive before a first period, or is it the other way 'round (the first period typically arrives BEFORE the first pubic hair pushes through the skin)<br />
...... just wondering, as I never had a sister, and was always tooo embarrassed to ever ask anybody that question in the real world ā€” I don't know what they may think of me or how they may end up teasing me.

dad I think Iā€™m dying!! ROFL! I'm sorry but that is funny. :) Your mother should have talked to you about periods! Wow!

funny, saved!