As If It Were Yesterday!

I remember it was a saturday morning, i felt a lil' bit of pain on my belly but i didn't pay attention so i went to the bathroom, my mom was there brushing her teeth and she let me in and stuff and when i when i sit down and stuff my undies were stained w/ blood!!!!

My mom was happy as hell! (you're a little woman now!! Let me get you pads!!!). I took it w/ calm b/c i knew it was going to happen sooner or later (i was 11)and a little excitement because it ment that i wasn't any longer a "kid" or "a baby". I was excited about being the first of my friends to get my period.

11 years later, I am no longer get excited over my period. I hate it. For Real!

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Stop saying and stuff, no offence but it makes you sound stupid

Stop saying and stuff, no offence but it makes you sound stupid

Oh God!<br />
That Sucks!<br />

I got mine when i was 11 too...but when i told my mom she yelled at me in her drunkin stupor that i was always causing her problems and stress. Uhm, if i could have avoided it hello!! doesn't she think i would have. and now that is 18 years ago and I REALLY wish it would have been possible to avoid it because it's no fun!!

I kinda remember mine and I was really upset and depressed. I'd love to have one now! Haven't had one in 19months because of a weight thing and it's going to be so strange getting them back - it'll feel like starting for the first time all over again!