I started my period at 11, i didnt belive it!

I was walking back from a caffe with my dad and 2 brothers, but i seriouslly had a bad tummy. So, i asked to stop at the next caffe and use there toilet, went in, sat on the loo, peed... suddenly blood gushed out, i sat crying for a bit, (I knew what had happend) but i didnt know it was this scary,  my mum was at home so i was with my dad, so there would be no way i'd tell him. so, i bunged alot of tissue in my knickers, that made me feel more secure. Got in the car and i felt somthing wet on my white skirt, i pulled it round and there was blood ALL over it! i got my jacket, tied it around my waist and my brother noticed, (he was 18 at the time, i was only 11) he put his arm around me and whisperd "have you had you're first girl?" i said yeah, and started crying again. It was like 2 hours back home, so he felt sorry for me.

When i got home, i sat with my mum and cried. I sound like a right woosy, but if you know how i felt you'd know.

I hope some of you girls start it when you're all prepared, it's horrible.

(i'm 16 now)



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you must have a really good bro

My mom said "Oh don't worry, it's only a little blood" when I asked about it. I was expecting a few drops.<br />
<br />

i got mine on my tenth BIRTHDAY lol happy birthday to me. when i got it i had no idea what a period even was! i thought i had an infection or something lol