Hot Pink

I remember my first period.

I was 13 and in Junior High Gym class. We were outside doing group exercises and I was wearing a pair of hot pink shorts.

We were doing toe touches and I heard giggling and whispering behind me.

Finally, one of the mean bi****s was 'nice' enough to point out I had bled in my hot pink shorts.

They had no way of knowing it was my first one.

So, Mom had already taught me all about it, so I knew what to do and fortunately was able to change back into my regular clothes.

I called Mom at work from the payphone in the hallway, and told her I started my period.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"What else could it be?" I asked.


So, after school, my Dad was still home because he worked the night shift, and he treated me like I was a little baby and made me lay down on the couch, and let me watch The Brady Bunch (a show he can't stand)

I had yet to experience cramping, so I didn't understand the fuss and didn't fully realize at the time that it meant I was a 'woman'.

Unfortunately I had to live the rest of the school year with the name Hot Pink, but Junior High was hell anyway so it really didn't make much difference.


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6 Responses Nov 9, 2009

Well, tell those b*****s they can suck it and u r a real woman, unlike them!!! :)

Well, tell those b*****s they can suck it and u r a real woman, unlike them!!! :)

Everyone's first time sticks with us, doesn't it! And most of them are less than delightful memories... you'd think by now we could get a way to predict when the first one was gunna hit, wouldn't you?

my dad dose not like that show ether ☺

aww you poor thing!

awww..... those girls were rotten! That's cute that your dad made you rest and watch Brady Bunch. He must have really felt bad for you! My father hated that show too!