Fireworks And Chocolate

I think I was about 12 when I got my first period. My dad is a truck driver, and one year me and my mother went on a trip with him in the truck. We were in Las Vegas for 4th of July. The fireworks were spectacular, but they weren't the only memorable experience of that trip... That same night, when we stopped for a restroom break at a truck stop, guess what I found! Yep. It was all kinds of fun to be far from home, hundreds of miles away from the box of pads under the sink my mom put there for when it first happened. (She had a hysterectomy after I was born, so she had no need of them herself.) So I cleaned up as best I could, and made a makeshift pad out of that fabulous thinner-than-tracing-paper toilet tissue (I'm sure everyone here knows how that one works. How many times were you caught unawares by it at school?). I told my mom, and at least they had a few small packages of pads to buy there. Just as she started to say that I would probably be feeling some chocolate cravings soon, I blurted out "Can we get some chocolate raisins?!" at the same time. We both laughed pretty hard over that, and I swear nothing has ever tasted better. But you can be sure I was thoroughly embarrassed to have to spend that week in close quarters with my DAD, having to ask for a bathroom break every few hours so I could go change... But he was totally cool about it, having as many tips for dealing with it as my mom did. He's the one who taught me the trick of keeping a spare pad or tampon in my waistband for the times I wasn't carrying a purse - something I didn't really need or bother with at 12. So all in all, it wasn't very traumatizing, even though I was probably as red as a radish for the entire week, but it certainly was a memorable way to mark the beginning of the transition from child to woman, and I smile when I remember it.

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your parents were sooo cool about it

Your parents were so relaxed about it.

Omg. :) My birthday is on the 4th of July!<br />
:D! HAH!

Getting it in Vegas apparently makes for a good story! Great that both your parents were so cool about it.

Glad I could entertain you!

lol that was a funny story.