Oh the Horror, the Horror.

so there was always a wall between my parents and us kids (i have a younger brother), and a lower but still present one between my brother and i, as well. we never talked about anything of any kind of importance. my parents' efforts to begin doing so were too little too late, quite frankly, and just made things worse.

the wall was very much present in the area of "the birds and the bees". what i knew about them i had learned from cryptic statements in books that i read. i had somehow acquired some judy blumes at some point, and the girl characters in them were always desperately longing for their first periods. i had no idea what they were even talking about for a long time, but then i came to understand that it involved blood coming from your, um, hoo-ha. it didn't sound like anything to be longed for to me, adding to my already present conviction that those books were ridiculous.

i didn't get any sex ed at school either. as i've mentioned before i attended a very free-thinking montessori school through 5th grade, then was whisked to super strict hardcore Christian school in 6th grade. montessori school didn't get a chance to go over sex ed (if they were planning on it, i'm not sure) and the Christian school had no intention whatsoever of doing so. so, in summary, i had no real concept of anything that was to come.

when i was 11 i attended a Christian summer camp (that my parents had forced me to attend for many years) for a week of "fun". i hated camp so much, Christian or Girl Scout. but Christian camp was worse because the rules were stricter and no one i knew went to them except me, so i was very shy and isolated. it was more of a week to be silently endured than to enjoy.

right in the middle of the week i started having pain in my, um, hoo-ha region. i didn't really know why, and there wasn't anything i could do about it, so i just ignored it. that was during arts & crafts time. on the way back to our cabins, this girl that i had become slightly acquainted with started babbling about periods. "my sister got hers when she was 11," she told me, "and so that's when i'll probably get mine too. how old are you?" i shyly told her that i was 11. "you should be getting yours soon, then!" she said. how humiliating to be having this conversation with someone i barely knew, about such an intimate subject. and she was sounding suspiciously like those judy blume people. i tried to think of a way to excuse myself. "i have to go to the bathroom," i said. "i'll see you later." i didn't have to go to the bathroom, but i went to the bathroom building anyway just to get away from the awkwardness. i wasn't even going to pee or anything, i just wanted to be alone for a second. however, as soon as i got to the bathroom i decided i did have to go after all. in fact, desperately. so i pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet, and saw red stains on my underwear.

the room literally spun. i sat there for awhile trying to think of what the heck i was supposed to do. i frantically checked my pants to see if it had bled through, and it had not, thank God. i still to this day wonder if that other girl knew somehow or if that whole conversation was just a bizarre coincidence. i, of course, hadn't brought any kind of supplies with me. i didn't know what to do. i wrestled with the thought of telling one of the counselors, who could take me to a drugstore, but i was too shy. i thought about asking one of the other girls, but outing myself as bleeding from the hoo-ha for the first time sounded like it might have judy blume-esque consequences. i couldn't bear the thought. so i decided that i'd have to do the best i could for myself. i tried to sponge off what was already on my underwear, and wrapped about half a roll of toilet paper around the crotch portion of my underwear, to absorb any future...excretions. it was a poor solution, but it was the best i could think of.

i still had 3 full days of camp left, and 2 nights. i don't remember the rest of the details clearly, just the constant fear that my horrible secret would be exposed, people would see the blood and point and laugh, and then the counselors would know and i would absolutely die of shame.

swimming was a difficult hurdle. i tried sitting out of swimming, but counselors told me it was mandatory and that i had to get in the pool. they were already frustrated with me, i couldn't tell them then. so i changed into my swimsuit, ran to the water, got in and held my legs as tight together as possible. i envisioned a red cloud of water swirling around me, but it was alright. i was still. i was fine. 

the nights were awful. i could barely sleep, i was so afraid that i would bleed through onto the mattress and my secret would be exposed. i slept lightly, muscles clenched. in the mornings i would run to the bathroom to shower and change my toilet paper reinforced underwear.

finally it was the last day of camp. i told myself that i would tell my parents as soon as i got to see them after the final church service thing. it would be humiliating, but i could take it. they would stop at a drugstore and everything would be ok and this misery could end. but it turned out it wasn't my parents that came to pick me up, but my dad and one of his friends, a deacon in the church. there was to be no honesty, then. i had to endure the long ride home (an hour and a half, i think) praying i wasn't bleeding on the seat.

as soon as i got home, i ran to my mother's bathroom closet and found various types of products. i grabbed a bag of huge, 1 inch thick, bulky pads, and carefully followed the instructions. place in underwear like the cartoon showed. fold wings around underwear like the cartoon showed. it certainly seemed much better than the toilet paper method.

that night i still couldn't work up the nerve to tell my parents, and was now feeling guilty about having stolen a sanitary product from my mom's supply without telling why. so i wrote a note. it said something along the lines of "i got my period. i took a pad from your closet. you should buy more. don't talk to me about this." i left it on my mom's pillow and went to bed. after she found it, she came to my room and tried to talk to me, but i refused. she sat on the bed and tried to persuade me, but i turned my face to the wall and pretended to be asleep. she gave up.

later, instead of having a belated birds and the bees talk, she bought me a book and left it on my bed with a note that i should read it. it was "preparing for adolescence" by dr. james dobson. what a condescending, simplistic, piece of **** that was. to this day i hate that man.  

the superhardcore Christian school reinforced the idea that periods were shameful. they refused to put sanitary napkins or tampons in the girls' bathrooms. tampons because it considered them to be evil, as they were put up into the hoo-ha much like (gasp!) a pee-pee might be. (it wasn't until college, incidentally, that i finally used a tampon for the first time. i'm still not very comfortable with them.) their excuse for no sanitary napkins was that they didn't want to corrupt the minds of the younger children (???). so if you were at school and needed sanitary supplies, you either had to beg your friends or go up to the front office and ask the principal's secretary for one. that was a humiliating process, since it wasn't possible to ask subtly. you had to stand at the window of the office, announce what you needed in front of multiple staff members (and usually other students) and then they would pass a huge pink-wrapped pad to you through the window. subtle. and if, heaven forbid, you bled through your pants, don't think you could just get away with tying a sweater around your waist. that was against the dress code. so you'd tie the sweater around your waist, attempting to hide your giveaway stain, then a teacher would approach you and ask you to remove it, then you'd have to refuse and explain why. so if anyone was wearing a sweater around their waist and wasn't forced to remove it, it was equivalent to wearing a neon sign that said "i bled right through my pants!" sigh.

and i think that concludes my story.

btw, the avatar is from the movie "the shining" and is also a tribute to south park.

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God bless your soul

Whem i was in 8th gqade i got my first an was so scared i would leak am we were in 7 period which was my FAV coz i war in love with the teacher an i rat by his desk in the front row an the bell rang an i stood up an there somethin red on the seat ro i ran out hopin my teacher didnt c. I went to the lart class that was reading an told my teacheq i had to go to the bathroom an she knew wat i ment so i ran to the bathroom an whem i turned a corner i almost ran over my man crush teachep (he had prostate cancer an went to the bathroom after like every class) he war comin out of the bathroom an he was like woah slow er down jr. (he knew i was a big nascar fan) an i wanted to yank his pants off an ride him i loved him but i rembdred an i just gave a laugh an trxed to keep my backside out of sight so he wemt on an i wemt an sat on thd toilet to look at the damagd an when i dhd i saw i didnt bleed thu i had barly bleedat all an i was like pheww!

When your in water your period blood won't come out because of the pressure of the water

Oh my God. How horrifying. :(

love the story . would be nice to have an update as tio how yours are now

Wow I am grateful for the school I was in , I do not believe they had tampons but sanitary towels were readily available from Hoz ( our on site medical department ) with a nurse. She was all business , nonsense was NOT tolerated.
Being male I do not know if my female classmates just went to a teacher or said they needed to see the nurse. Great story.

Thanks for sharing I was very stressful and embarrased about it too

I like the way you share your story, It's like I was there at the moment it happened. Thank you for sharing this.

wow,thats interesting but kinda stressful.I dont get that Christianity-wrong-sin-lord says.I am a Christian and i know that Christianitys message is love to all people and forgiving.It so silly that sone Christians say something different to them like being gay is wrong.I mean the religion is not about judging but loving!

...This is exactly why I am a Pagan....<br />
This is one of the most... interesting stories on here. Well done for enduring it!

i was very upset and embarrassed about it too. i did not tell my mom for a year and a half until i eventually realized it was normal, not my fault, and not wrong. that school is evil and how dare they do that to young girls who are already having trouble coming in to womanhood. i am christian but if i went there id kill myself

Sweet of you to share your story. Thanks.

OMG. interesting story u have. i love it.

Wow. I when I was in Christian school. I think, they had pads or tampons in the girls bathroom. (im not 100% sure) since been long time ago. If, Im on my period. i usually bring a pad with me. I never knew Christains think wearing a tampon is a sin. I have wear a tampon before. I dont like it. uncomfortable for me. The way your Christian school Sound like, they shouldnt talk about the body of female or male bodies. God made sex. You think, they teach the students about sex. I had crush on guy when I was in 7th grade. I was writing something in my literature. Our teacher told us write anything you want. So, we I did. I was writing about a girl be friend a guy. one of the students read over my shoulder. Thought it was about love story. So, my main teacher came back. takes me to her type classing room for 9th grade students. Telling me, I shouldnt be thinking about boys. I didnt say anything to her. But, I was thinking. Im 14 years old. I should be thinking about boys. They didnt let me explain about the story. The literature teacher. didnt let me re do the paper.

well first off i feel sorry for you and i have know idea why non of your schools did any sex ed and at least you didnt have to wait until you were 13 and 7months old before getting your period. but fortunatley we had sex ed in year 5&6 in primary school and we learnt all about periods and we then went on to learn about periods in science in year 7, 8, 9&10 in secondary school. talk about well educated (i live in britain by the way) i sure got my period late however i would have rather had it sooner the waiting was horrible even though i didnt want to get my period.

You are an amazing and hilarious story-teller. What a horrific and ridiculously unnecessary experience! You should write a funny book about growing up in catholic school.

*christian school, sorry


' "i got my period. i took a pad from your closet. you should buy more. don't talk to me about this." i left it on my mom's pillow and went to bed. after she found it, she came to my room and tried to talk to me, but i refused. she sat on the bed and tried to persuade me, but i turned my face to the wall and pretended to be asleep. she gave up. '<br />
<br />
lol don't talk to me about this! That's great. When I get it, I'll probably be saying the same thing.<br />
You're such a great story teller! And you remember everything so clearly! This is my favourite story about it so far.

I got my first period at Girl Scout camp, on my 11th birthday, no less! What a great present that was.

Whoever said menstruation was bad must have been a man.

wow, whoever ran that school ... ugh, I'd rather not even put my thoughts into writing. How can they do that to preteens, implying it's shameful to have this perfectly normal body process? Ugh. It makes me sick. On another note, with so much inhibition and lack of communication from your parents and teachers, I really admire your creativity and intelligence dealing with this then-new challenge.

btw im 13

i need help! i might have my period but im not sure. im soooooooo embarresed to tell my parents let alone my friends or mom!she dosent get her period anymore so i dont have...pads or tampons. instead of my blood beiong red it is brown. is it even my period??????????

I got mine at night.. all i remember is waking up thinking id wet myself and looking at the sheets. I suppose i was quite old when i got mine, i was 13!! I thought i was a freak for not getting it sooner!

What a coincidence you started your period, when the girl said you was.

What a great story!! When i grow up, i swear i will always have my daughter prepared for this kind of thing and make sure she can tell me about everything.

me too! That's my plan. Be so much of a friend to her that she wouldn't be embarrassed about it. I'll make sure she knows this stuff early and gets used to it so she's not so uncomfortable. (She'll probably get it late like I seem to be, but she should know.)

You got it on a camp, how worse could it be! you poor thing, good to be grown up and knowledgable now :)

that sounds like a great plan with your kids!

very true.

Yes its very sad, a little love and compassion never hurt anybody, condemnation just breeds rebellion.

i still resent that school's approach to Christianity a great deal. i think that they misrepresent the true spirit of love that Christ taught and replace it with rules and condemnation.

What a dreadful initiation into womanhood! Its bad enough anyway, but that sounds so humiliating, it makes me cross to think that this attitude still prevails in places. (OK a few years ago now but I bet it won't have changed?)...I knew there's a reason why I am a (very) lapsed Christian..

I thought I was in a time machine. It was like my 2nd time and I got it at camp. I too was unprepared. Eek. I did tell my counselor. She sent my youth pastor to the store. Mortified is to mild to decribe what I felt. I got a bood too, but it wasn't by Dobson. I went to a strict Christian School. They did have product machines in the girls room at least. I hated, and cried through every week of camp I was forced to endure.<br />
WOW- too many similarities. Oh yeah, I know all about the good girls don't wear tampons thing. I made sure my daughter knew they were olkay. ( of course it was awkward telling her what to do through the bathroom door. She had to use them becuase she had dance and a leatard leaves no room to hide the pad. <br />
That was too wild. So many things the same.

i hate that guy.

I feel your pain. Damn the Dobson! <br />
<br />
I got "Love, Sex, and God." It made me want to die.