Almost Every Title Says "Horrible".. Mine Does Too ;)

It was really horrible in my opinion. I wasn't shocked about the fact that I have my period at alll....
But I was afraid of telling my mum since years before.. I always thought "what should I say?!".. so the way it all happened was kind of planned and maybe stupid..
I know I got it at friday night.. It began very very little.. my mum was out.. I didn't care.. maybe it's something else and it's gone in a day.. the next day it was still there still very very little blood.. so I didn't care... But I knew I got my period.. so I didn't know what to say.. It got harder.. I still had no idea how to tell her.. So I went to bed, knowing that my whole bad might be fool with blood the other day.. It actually was a little.. so was my pyjama.. so I stood up.. went to my mum and said "mum, i think i got my period". and she was like "Ohh.. poor you"
I was like "wtf?! I don't care.. now give me sth to stop it..".... so she showed me the stuff.....

well.. that's it...
I still don't really hate my period.. of course.. I don't like it... But not really because of the fact, more because of the having to switch tampons every hours haha it's so stressful in school sometimes
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Nov 14, 2007