I Was 11...

...and it was exactly a week before school ended for the year. I was just in school. Funny enough, we had just finished a sex ed presentation. Then I felt this liquid come out of me. I had felt it many times before (discharge but not my period) so I thought it would be like usual. But when I got down to the bathroom, there was my underwear stained with blood!

I felt pretty odd. It was like that area of my body was too fragile and I didn't want to move my legs or anything. It felt weird to walk or run. I was the first of my group of friends to get it though, and that made me pretty proud (lol, what stupidity... I could have used a few extra period-less years). But when I got home and called my mom, I started crying when I put down the phone. This was the last thing I needed at this point. There was already enough stressful things going on.

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when I had my first period I was almost 13 and i was very scared. When i finally got the guts to tell my mom we were the only ones home and were watching tv together, anyway, on a comersial i just mom theres some thing..........she asked if i broke up with my boyfriend..............i was like nooooo..............then i said I um well i started my period..............what makes me feel even worse and i am still ashamed to this day when i get it is that she jumped up and said "thats terrible!!!" i just started crying and she felt really bad but i still feel like crying every time i get it. <br />
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Any ed vice?

hai buddy i read your storie its intersting