Hockey Camp!!! Oh No!

   I was at field hockey camp when i got my first period. It was 3 years ago and i was 15. My hockey team for school went to camp in the summer and we had just finished the first day of training. Me and my friend Annie were in our room when i felt like I'd peed my pants.  i went to check it out and...BAM... the moment i had been waiting for since that stupid talk we had gotten in 5th grade was finally here.  I just stood there for literally 5 min and tried to figure out what i was going to do!  i finally decided to talk to Annie and tell her ( she had gotten hers when she was 11, so she kinda knew a little bit about it!) that i got my period. When i broke the news, she was so happy! i suddenly didn't feel left out any more! So the hunt was on, and we were on a mission. We literally went to 10 rooms asking them if they had tampons ( because i def wasn't going to be using pads for field hockey! EWW) SO it just so happens that no one, and i mean NO ONE had their period! AHHH. what now? SO i went up to my coach and told her that i just got my first period and i needed some tampons.  My coach and i are really coach because she was my English teacher when i was in 6th grade, so i had no problem telling her. She started laughing and then took me to the place where they kept stuff for times like these. She handed me a box of tampons and ibuprofen. Throughout the camp, she asked me how i was doing and asked if i needed anything ( she is so nice!). Although i had severe cramps and had to miss a session, it turned out to be a pretty decent week. Except when all the girls on my team found out! they were just messing with me, but it was kinda funny. What ever! haha so yeah thats my story. I'd like to see someone top that! haha jk

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that teacher is nice u got lucky