My First Time..

when i got my first period, i was 12. it was a really simple, no nonsense experience. we had just finished P.E and i was skipping into the locker room, eager to get to lunch. i took off my clothes to my underwear and bra and went to the bathroom stalls cuz i had to pee(: i pulled down my pants and saw a big brownish red splotch straight where discharge usually was. i was like, wtf ?? and looked to see if it bled through. it didnt, thank God. idk what i wouldve done then... anyway, i was just sitting there, pondering what to do. i finally decided to just get dressed and go from there. so i did, and then asked a close friend if she had a pad. i was wondering if my best friend would be mad that i had told my other friend before her, but she had transfered schools and i didnt want to ask anyone else. but you dont care about that, lol, anyway, i asked her for one, but all she had was this HUGEE pillow pads,(you know the ones, you have to walk like a penguin): ) that covered my butt just as thoroughly as... elsewhere. so i stuck it on at lunch, and continually checked it throughout the day. it turned out that i was spotting, so only a tiny bit of blood leaked out throughout the whole day, and i wore it for practically nothing:( but better safe than sorry, i guess. anyway, i was just really happy that i wasnt the very last girl to get her period... i was the SECOND to last(: later, i had to tell my dad because i didnt want to go to gymnastics just in case it started shooting out like a hose... lol thats what happened to my best friend after she spotted. so he told my mom right away, of course (ugh) i really wanted it to be one of those experiences where i was sitting lazy at home and only i knew, but i guess thats just not how God wanted it... lol. my mother had said we should "celebrate" and i opposed to that idea... i was so embarrassed, lol. well, thats my simple story.

cupcakemurderer cupcakemurderer
13-15, F
Feb 24, 2010