Help Appriciated !!!

Hello ! I'm a 14 year old , 15 in 3 months . I'm 5'8 - 5'9 ! 47 kg .. have both armpit and pubic hair -- since a long time ago ( i guess 4 years :| ), small boobs ( training bras -- almost 87 cm. ) ! These two days i started to notice whitish things on my panties ! but i have no period yet , and i'm massively worried about it because all my friends , i mean each and every single one of them had had theres since two years or even more , everybody teases me about that and think that i've had it while hiding it :S !!! i'm so worried that i surf the internet and youtube daily searching about it !! But i truly need help and can't go to my mom because i'm embaressed as were not close at all !!! yes no period !!!!! i need more info please !!!!! as much as you can !!!!!!!  


i appreciate your help , thanks a lot ;* !!!!!!!

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I, too, could hardly wait for my period to arrive and at age almost 14 and a half it did. Be patient, but prepared. Weird thinking back nearly 20 years ago!

ok thanks a lot : D

Ask help from Elder women around you, You may also need to seek a female doctor's advice on this.

Hon, I can understand that you want to get your period -- and while it is a pain and a nuisance once it has started, it is a sign of our adult womanhood and something that binds all of us women together. Now, understand, I am not a doctor, and you may want to make an appointment and discuss this with a physician, but I do not think you need to. That white discharge is from pre-menstrual build-up. It is natural and starts a few months before your period comes. I think that you can expect your monthly visitor to begin pretty soon. Don't be surprised if you get this discharge again, several times, heavier than you have already gotten it. You may (as said above) want to start using pads.<br />
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Really, you are just starting a little later than your friends, it is nothing out of the ordinary! <br />
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& bee tee double " u " people don't say pubic hair in public websites or places and also to the lovelyy website i would like to say period shouldn't be discussed in public as it is something *private* that should be kept in a treasure deep down the sea kiddo ; ) !!!! yes also periods , periods , periods ooh what can i say ?! Periods are just periods ; ) !!! they're wonderful and amzaingly super stage in life that should be discussed always in public websites : ) !! yes may you have your period soon , amen !!!

WTH ?!!!!!!! i hate you ( : !!! ur an ******* ( : !!! what the **** are you saying ?! you do want it so BADLYYYY !!!?? : / انتي قبيحة يا حمارة و يا زقة ahahhahaa X"D !!!!!!

Hey! I don't think you can really be more ready than you already are. After all you've read all the information out there right? The only thing that might make it easier is to actually tell your mom. When I was younger I didn't tell my mom a bunch of stuff and it make perfect sense at the time but looking back I just really think I was being silly. But I do remember the sense of embarrassement eing pretty overwhelming. I don't know what your mom's like but it might be worth a shot to tell her you're worried! Honestly! If you can't talk to her or ask her for money then just take some money out of your allowance and buy some pads for day and night-time. I reccomend Kotex, Always or Stayfree. Kotex is cheaper I believe. Make sure you don't get those super thick ones though, haha. They truly do feel like a diaper. It might be easier if you bring a friend with you. You could also go to a different store/pharmacy than the one you normally go to if that makes you feel better. I personally remember being SUPER embarrassed standing in the feminine product aisle, trying to pick the right kind. And again, at the time it made sense, but now I just find it strange how I would feel like that. Those feelings do go away pretty quickly though. <br />
Just try and relax and not think about it too much. Your body is more than likely normal! Although it seems like you're pretty skinny and that might have something to do with it. It takes longer for a lot of skinny girls to get their period. We're all different!<br />
Hope this helps. Let me know how things work out!

thank you so much , and i can't talk to my mom about giving me pads or something like that thats the problem therefore i'm scared that i'm not ready !

Hi!<br />
First of all, I'm sorry you have to go through the agony of waiting! And I'm not going to tell you you don't want your period because you obviously do. I am going to tell you though that it can be a very uncomfortable experience, so be ready for that.<br />
I totally understand how you're feeling! When I was 13, all my friends had gotten their period except for me. It was torture! So I know it's nearly impossible to stop thinking about it. <br />
Now that I'm older I realize that the friends I had then all had a very early onset in puberty. I now have friends who didn't get their period until they were 15 (mine finally came at 13). And anything between 9 and 16 IS normal. This is true even if you don't feel normal at all right now! However the secretion in your panties is a sure sign that you're getting closer to starting your period, even though it may take a while. You do NOT have to worry at this point. You're a young woman with or without your period! =). So just chill, and keep a couple of pads and an extra pair of underwear in your school bag to be on the safe side. <br />
Write again if you have more questions.<br />
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lol, really? It didn't take much, that's cool. Anyway, I wish you luck, i guess? lol!

its ok ;p !! truthfully i feel like i do know you now ; ) <3 !!

LOL I know! Idk it feels weird telling some person you don't even know that you hope they get their period! Still, you said you wanted it lol!


I'm telling you, you DON'T! But I know you probably don't want to hear that. I know because I used to want it, and whenver ppl told me otherwise I'd say this same thing. But once you get it, you'll be begging for it to end, it's the truth lol! In your case though, I hope you get it soon, as weird as that might sound lol

Thanks a lot but ur kind of not helping when say its a pain :( !! & beleive me I do want it so BADLYYYY !!!

Hey :) First of all, I must say, you do NOT want your period! Your SO lucky! I've had it for two years, and it's SUCH a pain. It's not just the cramps, although those are bad enough. It's also the mood swings, the irritability, and all the other crap that comes along with PMS. I do understand how you feel though. And don't worry, you don't have to unless your 18 and still don't have it. If you STILL don't by then, you should talk to your doctor. But otherwise, your fine. And btw, those white things that you've been seeing are a good sign. You start to get that 6 months to two years before your period comes. So, if you've had them for awhile, you could get it soon!<br />
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Hope I helped :)