I Have Cancer?

I was 11 years old when I first had my period. I saw a lot of blood rushing when I pee'd .  I cried, I thought I had cancer and that my life would end in a pretty young age. I started to shout,"Why Lord, oh why?" I confronted my mother that I was gonna die because I have internal bleeding. She laughed at my situation I got mad I said, "Ma, this is serious I will die" 'Honey you have a period?" "What a dot?" I said. Then suddenly she rushed me to the hospital to the OB Gyne he was a guy and asked me to open my legs and showed my flower and checked if it's realy just a period. I was so shock that I showed my flower to somebody else I was so mad and felt embarass I thought I lost my virginity doing that lol , I would frown whenever I saw that doctor:P

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period. I think a man made up that word. like a period is absolutely nothing.it is frigging HELL. espec. PMS and PMDD.

hes a guy. here.. ok this:<br />
. <---- is a period also a period is something a girl gets when they start to go through mentruation... stupid

shes means the puntuation dot <br />
=====================<br />
Um okay. I'm still confused.

shes means the puntuation dot

"What a dot?" I said. <br />
=============<br />
Huh?! What does that mean?