My First Perm

My first perm was done shortly after my 16th birthday, my grandma and grandfather had given me money for my birthday.
I walked to the local shopping centre, and sat on a seat outside the salon named "maneline" for a good couple of hours before walking into the salon and asking how much for a perm, ...the largish blonde girl behind the counter named lisa told me the cost, and then replied "when would you like me to do it"?.
Without a further thought i replied "how about now? with that she ushered me into the salon and over to the basin where she started to shampoo me, whilst lying back in the basin lisa said "this is obviously your first perm, as i had seen you sitting out there for quite a while just looking in, Iam glad you finally came in, you obviously wanted to come in but were obviously very scared, but iam glad you came in as you obviously wanted to do this?."

We then moved over to the styling station placed a dry black towel around my neck, then covered me in a long black vinyl cape and then asked , What type of perm do you want sweetie?, I replied I don't know.. With that lisa handed me a book of perm styles , we picked a style.

With that lisa started to take sections of my hair along with this what looked like an "oversized cigarette paper" which i later discovered to be what was known as a "perm paper", after she took the "perm paper "she would then wind my hair around the perm curler (rod), all the time i was becoming excited as well as very nervous.

After what felt like an eternity the perm wind was complete, i looked in the mirror to see this young boy looking extremely nervous but quietly excited back at me in the mirror with this very "heavy" head of curlers.

Lisa could see the look of excitement in my eyes, she went to the back of the salon , she returned with the perm solution and said " no turning back now", with that she saturated my rods and then placed a "blue plastic bag" over my curlers and then set a small alarm clock for a period of time...lisa then left me to process.

As i sit in the salon with my head full of perm rods, i looked around to see a lady at the basin having her "perm" rinsed ... after a while the stylist covered her head with towels before placing her under the overhead hairdryer for some time...

With that my alarm rang off lisa came over and undid a couple of my curlers (rods) , and replied another 5 sweetie and you are cooked.

After the 5 minutes had elapsed lisa took me back to the basin started running water over my curlers "rods" to rinse away the solution, as i lay back in the basin, i asked lisa, why did you put the lady under the overhead hairdryer? she replied to get the water out of her hair before we add the second solution to her hair.

I then asked will you do that to me? she replied no, i will just towel dry you then add the second solution, feeling a little upset inside i just replied oh ok, then the lady was taken from under the hood dryer and the second solution was added to both my head and the lady in the basin next to me. After some time had elapsed lisa came back to the basin and started to unravel my curlers, she then replied ok "curly top" back you come for one last rinse and some conditioner, following the conditioner she draped my head in a towl in a turban shape, and lead me back to the styling station.

As i sat down lisa had me close my eyes before she unwrapped my hair, she then allow me to open them i saw this tight curly haido, i was in total shock and disbelief, as i look around the salon i could see the other lady being wound on rollers, netted and placed back under the "welonda" overhead wall mounted dryer, secretly wishing it was me.

With that lisa picked up her scissors and started to trim the ends off, before picking up a blowdryer with a big cone "diffuser" on it and drying of my hair before taking to it with a "perm rake" to finish off the style.

Still slightly shocked at the curls not to mention secretly dissapointed about not going under a dryer, my style was complete and i got up from my seat went to the front reception area paid my money thanked lisa and left the salon.

When i got home, my father and brother took one look at my hair started calling me "shirley temple" or a "poodle" so with that the next morning i returned to another salon and had the curl relaxed.

I let the remainder of the perm grow out, but after a year or so later i decided i wanted to try a perm again...

Iam now 42 and am still having my hair permed to this day, the only difference is, for the last 16 years i have had the courage to have the roller set with the perm that i always secretly wanted.....

Dryermaniac Dryermaniac
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I wish I had been brave enough to go for a perm at 16 year old.<br />
Good on you, great story.