My First Real ****

After many years of other men calling me a ********** or *** I had no desire and rejected the very idea I would do such a thing me no ******* way then one day I was with a guy named John we were relaxing and I thought nothing of him taking off his cloths we were at his apt and I new we we there to let him change so we could go do something I don't even remember what but there he was compleatly naked in front of me and wow he was beutiful I couldn't stop starring he noticed and his **** starting to grow the next thing I new I was excepting his **** into my mouth then down my thoat I felt the explosion of *** and that was it I instantly became a ********** I tryed for years to not do it but the craving to be sucking a **** is to great now I have sucked over 1000 ***** and I can't wait for the next one I am a ********** I only want **** and all I want to do is suck **** and swallow cumm
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Sep 8, 2012