Naked In Sauna

My first time in a proper sauna was both exciting and daunting. The proper way to take a sauna is naked, any type of clothing restricts the blood flow somewhat. Anyway, the changing rooms were unisex, so male and female undress together. Why not? You are all going to be naked together soon anyway. No one else in changing room, thankfully. I get into sauna and there is a naked male and female in there.
I gingerly take off my towel and sit on it. Eventually the guy gets up and leaves. I am now lying down on my back. Then I feel my manhood start to rise with the thought of this lady looking at me. It goes the whole way and I quickly get up and leave. After a coldish shower, I venture back in again. Two men and 3 ladies in there now. This time nothing happens to me, so I lay back and enjoy the heat.
Now that I am used to it, I do not have a problem anymore with uprisings but it is nice to see different girls naked. Amazing how different nipples are for example! Anyway, I can thoroughly recommend having a regular 'proper' sauna.
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nice story

The only time I've had a sauna with anyone other than a partner was with a girl I'll call Sabine. She was a German girl and used to being naked with strangers. She'd heard me mention my regularly going to a sauna and asked one day if she could come. I did ask if she'd wear a swimsuit, she thought the idea bizarre so off we went.
It was a strange feeling at first but gradually we got more comfortable and confided a lot in each other (we had various personal issues) as we lay there naked together (there were just the two of us in the sauna).
Sadly her problems got the better of her and she took her own life two years later. She was a great person and I still miss her 20 years later.

Good story. I love a sauna too