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my names leroy and im a 33 year old australian. i recently got married to my 8 year long korean girlfriend eun ji. after our honeymoon at hawaii, we decided to visit her homeland of south korea with my in-laws. we went during december so it was snowing and very cold.
during our trip, we visited the highest mountain in south korea, halla mountain, the 63 building and so much more.
i was having the time of my life until we went to a mugyoktang. its a public bathouse. i thought it was just like showers in a gym where we get our cubicles and wash ourselves. but i was wrong, my wife and mother-in-law went into the female area and my father in law and i went into the mens.
when we entered, we took off our shoes, put them in a mini shoe locker. we took our keys out and when we opened the door, we got another key for our clothes.
as i entered, i saw countless naked men just walking around, talking, watching tv and eating! i was in shock! it was so new and different. he led me to our lockers and i was told to take off my clothes. i felt kind of uncomfortable with all the men looking at me since i was white.
when we were done undressing, we entered into a large room with so many different kinds of spas, some which were as hot as 50 degrees and a cold spa, massage spa and much more. we first had a shower and we entered a moderate spa. it was 35 degrees. my body started to loosen from the coldness i encountered earlier outside and my penis started to get erect. im around 18 cm full.
after around 15 mins of talking with him, he told me we should go into a steam sauna. he left and went into the steam room. i couldnt stand up with my erect penis as i thought they would think im a gay person or something. there were around 50 men and i slowly started to get up and once i was out, i fast walked towards the cold spa and soon my penis started to shrink due to the coldness. i left the cold spa and entered the steam room. my father-in-law laughed as i entered knowing the shame and uncomfort of having an erection. he told his first time of entering the mugyoktang with his father and said he also had an erection and still does sometimes.
i saw his penis and it was half erect and mine started to erect again due to the temperature of 70 in the steamroom. we talked about my future with family and we took a **** together and left for the showers. we got dressed and met up with eun ji and my mother-in-law and went to a family restuarant for dinner.

its one day i could never forget and i kind of enjoyed relaxing in the spas. i might go again someday but i wish it was both women and men so i could spend some time with eun ji in the hot spa ;)
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Are you saying you had a **** together or is that a typo?

"Walk" I take it....Sorry.

i've been to the spa with my family too... pretty embarassing the first time... but i loved it next!