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the first time i was caned at school was in 1977 at the age of 12 nearly 13. i remember being sent to the headmasters office and waiting outside for the order to come in. this must have taken 20 - 30 minutes or so. the year head arrived and went in first, my stomach was churning and knees felt like jelly. suddenly the door opened and i told to come in. the heads office was fairly small with a small corridor style entrance. there was a polish type of smell to the room and the only room in the school to have a carpet.(light green). the headmaster was an oldish chap maybe 55 - 60 or so , at the time i didnt think he could cause any real pain. he took his time to discuss as to why i was there so this just added to nerve racking experience, i didnt try to talk my way out of it as i knew it would be no good, so i just replied yes sir to everything he said. then the order came , he said , i think you had better stand there my lad. he pointed to a spot on the floor where i was to stand. i did this and took off my shoulder bag. then he opened a cupboard door and took out a large cane. he said face the door......BEND OVER. at this point he lifted up the back of my blazer. i now felt completely exposed and for some reason humiliated. my knees were still wobbly and butterflies in my stomach as i felt the cane resting at the top of my bottom. there was a couple of taps then i felt the cane lift away. then with a whistle and a twack the cane landed on target at the top of my bottom. i remember thinking about that sound but also thinking that it didnt hurt. then within 4 or 5 seconds i felt this searing sting, i bit like a line of fire over the top of my bottom, this brought tears to my eyes as i felt him again resting that dreaded cane against my bottom for another shot. again i felt the cane lift off from its target after a couple of taps and then whoose came the cane down again just below where the first one landed. now my bottom was stinging to the point where i didnt know either to stand up or stay down. i managed to stay in place but luckily i heard him open the cupboard and replace that cane. i stood up and picked up my school bag and stood there feeling that stinging. it felt like 2 hot irons were placed at the top of my bottom with no let up.i would never think again that an older man could not cause such stinging again. i received many more canings at school after this and all stung like crazy. back at home later that day i checked my bottom and there was 2 tram lines, deep red and turning blue. these took 2 or 3 weeks to fade to a yellow colour. the only kids who saw my marked bottom were the kids that did judo with on the saturday morning the day after my caning. we had to ***** naked to put on our judo suit and thats where i was asked many questions about the lines on my bottom. to some degree i felt quite proud. until the next time.....
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the first time was always the worse as a boy did really know what to expect. Those dreaded words 'BEND 0VER' always use to fill a boy with dread as he knew he was about to find out just how much the cane hurt' It is strange that the cane never use to sting right away on landing, like the slipper, but it certainly made up for it a few seconds later. Must say it was rather rare for a head to tap the bottom before each stroke, this was done mostly on jut the first stroke. Cane marks on the bottom were always of interest to other boys.

Hi. He always used to tap the cane on the bottom before giving a stroke. I just assumed he just lining up the aim and place where he wanted the cane to land. Must say he was very accurate and given that it was only a 2 stroke caning , it stung very much.

accuracy was the key thing as that went with both safety and effect.Many people think it is easy to cane a boys bottom, you just tell him to bend over and then whack the protruding bottom as hard as you can. a LOT more goes into it than that. Often a softer stroke that lands flat across botgh cheeks will sting a lot more than one that lands at an angle and mostly strikes one cheek. A line right across the bottom from side to side causes more sting than just on the one rump.

We got the slipper at both my junior school (though only boys were punished in this way), and at my boys-only secondary school. It was usually 2-4 strokes delivered at the front of the class, the boy touching his toes. It really stung, but the worst place to get it was in PE, where it hurt even more through thin shorts without underpants - and those PE teachers really knew how to lay it on!

As for the cane, that was only ever used by the Deputy Head in his office, with the boy bending over a chair. The penalty was generally 3 strokes for a first offence, followed by 4 to 6 strokes for subsequent offences.

After the first caning you knew what you were in for the next time...and o my word the fear and dread

oh yes it certainly did sting. it is one of the memories i have to this day. i have told the story to my honest memory. i do know that many of these stories are made up but mine is true has been many years now but if i lay in bed i can still think of how that cane felt. he didnt give many but did it very hard..

Thank you kooboo. An excellent and well-detailed account. I particularly like the way in which you convey your feelings at the time - those of a young lad about to be caned for the first time.And didn't that cane sting your arse!

most welcome..

A good story which brings to mind my own schooldays. Thank you for sharing it.

this is truely how i remembered it. i do know many of the stories here on ep are pure fantasy. i had the cane a good few times and i hated it. only one person ever caned me and that of course was the headmaster, i dont know...maybe others had it a lot worse. all i can say is ,,,it stung..looking back now ,,he did a good job..

we never got the slipper in secondery school and teachers never really hit. some did slap a few times but it was normally the cane from the headmaster only. the cane was the last resort and the headmaster was very experienced. we only got 2 or 3 strokes but they were very hard..

it was for not doing lines that i was given for not coming to school wearing a tie. i knew i would get the cane but braved it as my friends had it. i wanted to experience it and it also had a trophy thing attached to it. but it did really sting...

You have described the scene really Well, thanks. But what was the 'crime', for which you were being punished?

i have been thinking a bit more about the ritual. its taking my mind back. i remember the telling off before the caning, he would put his face up close to mine when asking questions , with the words ...well my lad...this was a bit frightning for a 12 year old. it was a small office and i would be standing next to the cane cupboard, although i could never see in. he took a while to select a cane. i believe he had junior and senior canes. on command to face the door he would walk over to his desk and put on his glasses, he never caned without wearing these, then came the words ..bend over. my first time i thought he may be a bit lenient as i was only 12 and it was my first caning. but no he caned very hard. looking back now i could see why as if he had caned softer, i would have thought that was easy and it didnt hurt much , so i would have reoffended quicker.

it was a normal ritual and it did sting very much. he certainly knew how to use that cane but never in anger. he had been there for many years so had a lot of experience.on my first caning i remember thinking that he was an old man ,so couldent hurt that wrong i was. i was still frightened before , but it was part of the unknown as i didnt know how much it will hurt. i had been told that it hurt from other boys.i think he made the ritual last, as part of the punishment. then those dreaded words BEND OVER . even after the first stroke he waited a good few seconds before delivering the next one. i can remember the first stroke sinking in and the sting appear before he placed the cane again on my bottom just under where the first had landed. he would give a couple of taps then swish. always on target with a terrible sting.he may have waited for a line to appear through the thin trousers we wore so he could place the second just under, as not to overlap. i also had a theory that maybe he thought ...cane hard but only a couple or even 3 strokes to discourage a return.he did mention after the caning that next time expect more and he would say.that was just a tap. i never heard of any boy wanting a return to his office including myself but it was not to be. the second caning i recieved i knew what to expect. i think it hurt even more. when i was bending i gritted my teeth and looked foreward. this was the time he pushed gently on my shoulder saying a little further. he was very fussy about the bending position. bottom had to be up. looking back i was a bad boy and deserved all....

Thanks for answering.<br />
That is a pretty normal ritual and soooo sore!

the ritual was always the same. he dragged it out by the long wait outside and then the invite to enter followed by the long telling off. all in a very calm way. then the order to stand there and face the door. the opening of his cupboard door and then the order. in a calm voice..BEND still seemed like it took ages with my hands on my knees and bottom sticking out. then he would lift the back of my blazer and place it over my back. my bottom would then feel even more exposed. he would rest the cane on my bottom and then tap 2 or 3 times before lifting it away and then thwack. as the sting would appear he would size me up again ready for the next one. thwack, and now it was really stinging, tears would appear. sometimes there was another one to come. he always kept to this ritual, well with me anyway. i asume it was the same for all the others. i have never regretted this experience, although i disliked the cane i did deserve it every time......

What was his preferred ritual?

i was only 12 and the 2 strokes really did sting like crazy. i think if i would have had another 1 i would have been reduced to tears. as for staying down i would simply have had to. i think that due to the thin trousers we wore, and they offered no protection at all, he only gave out 2 and 3 stroke canings. he may have had a theory that he only needed to give 2 or 3 but very hard ones, rather than 6 not so hard. this left me thinking that i wouldent want more than 2 or 3. 6 like that would have been agony and unthinkable. i know doubt he did give 6 to some. one thing for sure, he was a very hard caner and knew his duty. there was also the ritual to contend with...

I was fortunate enough to be able to control my pee.

My first high school caning was 3 well laid on strokes by our housemaster. I said ouch with the first one and then kept queit. I thought to myself "welcome to high school". The marks lasted 2 weeks.

Fortunately I never talked back, bcoz I knew from experience what happened to other pupils who did.<br />
I had many canings myself for other transgressions.

back chatting a teacher, thats just reminded of my junior school days. i was 11 and in the final year of junior school, we had a very strict pe teacher who was a spanker. one day we had a pe lesson outside on the playground, playing football. at one point he said i had an attitude problem and sent me to his classroom which was a hut. as i walked he was behind me (i can still hear his footsteps as i think about it) . i had a good idea what was coming. as i stepped into his classroom he walked in behind me and slammed the door. he took me by the wrist to his right side of his desk and he sat down. he gave me a short lecture about this and that and said i needed to be taught some manners. i was shocked at what happened next. i was only wearing a thin nylon pair of shorts and underpants but he took hold of the bottom of the shorts and pulled them down, and then his fingers inside my underpants and tugged them down as well. i felt totally exposed, i had this treatment from my mother but a teacher...he laid me over his knee, all i was looking at was his hairy shins as my head was near to the floor. i felt the warmth of his hand rest on my bare bottom as i was cold in that hut. he then gave the first smack, his hand covered the whole of my bottom(both cheeks) and my eyes nearly shot out of my head. then came the second one, by now my legs were kicking and my bottom was really hurting, like on fire. as my legs were kicking he changed my position and laid me across one leg and put his other leg against the back of my legs so i could not move. i then gave me another 5 whacks on my bare bottom. this i believe was the worst spanking i had ever had. he even pulled up my pants and shorts afterwards and told me to go back to the lesson. i was walking to the side as i went back to the lesson. all the other kids knew what had happened and my bottom was still sore when i got home after school...

my mum was also a non caner, it was always left to my dad to punish me.( and he did)<br />
if i had told them that i had back chatted the teacher , i would have ended up over my dads knee with skirt raised and i would have got a tanned backside.<br />
i was bought up to show respect tand manners to other people especially people older tha myself, this included teachers

no my mum didnt cane me afterwards, she was never a caner, just a bare bottom spanker. always the same when i had done something wrong, it was either on the spot smacking of the bottom or for more serious offences it was upstairs and normally my trousers taken down along side my pants and placed over her knee. spanking would last for 5 minutes or so and bottom would be red for a few hours. she was a slow but hard spanker. last time it would be at around the age of 12. it did get a bit more embarrassing as i got older.

Did you Mum cane you as well afterwards?

i can still remeber my first caning even if it was many many years ago.<br />
i would by about 12,the teacher we had was very very strict, to say the least, i had seen her her cane a few of the other girls in our class, i thought i do not want to be bending over .<br />
however during one lesson , she put on the board an answer to a problem, which i disagreed with and asked if her answers was correct, ARE YOU SAYING THAT I MADE A MISTAKE? she asked my. No miss but the answer is wrong, are you looking for a caning? no miss but the answer is wrong any one can see that.. You had better see me after school young madam see told.<br />
<br />
i went along to the teachers form room after school, the teacher was waiting with the senior school cane in her hand. right young madam, i will teach you that you do not question my answers in front of the class, now bend over that desk pointing to a desk in the front row. i bent over the desk and held on to the brackets as i had seeen other girls do, i felt my gymslip being raised, and what are these she asked me these are not school knickers are they? no miss( i remebered i got up late, could not find a pair of clean school knickers so pu on a pair of knicker that i would wear at the week-ends, all foral, and a lot thinner than school knickers). so you not only answer back in class, but disregrad the school uniform.I will make sure you do not forgrt again. a felt a slight tap on my backside than a few seconds later felt the cane for the first time, it was like somone had hit me with a hot poker,the teacher proceeded to cane my five more time and each stroke harder than the previous one, i was crying,the teacher ten pulled my knickers up so my backside was bared.the school rules state that girls must wear knickers when being punished, she told me you are wearing knickers even if they are pulled up, she than proceeded to thrash my bare bottom a further six times, the pain eas excruiating. get up and go home i was told.<br />
<br />
my mum know something was wrong, when i kept having to move from a hard kitchen seat to a soft seat with a cushion , this went on until about 8.00 when mum asked what was wrong. i burst into tears and pullee up my dress and puled down my knickers to reveal 12 angry and swollen welts which looked like tram lines.<br />
i kept my mouth shut in future.