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i have recently wondered at what age should mum being spanking son bare bottom, and dad spanking daughter. my mum spanked me bare bottom as a boy up to the age of 12. this was the last time although i was nearing the age of 13 and had started puberty at 12 and a half. i had not grown much hair at that time, just a bit around the base of the penis but clearly showable.this was about the same time i received my first school caning so it seemed that i went from bare bottom spanking to caning from the headmaster. i still got a few spanks at home but over trousers and nothing serious. when i had my last bare bottom spanking and my trousers and pants were pulled down (as i was reluctant to do it myself) even though i was 12, mum must have seen and thought that maybe this should be the last time i be bared for the spanking. i know she must have seen before that i had started puberty from being in the bath and when she came in to wash and rinse my hair, but there must be a certain point as and when to stop the spanking bare.she still came in the bathroom to wash my hair at the age 13 maybe even older, this would have been to make sure it be washed properly and rinsed properly and also dried afterwards as we had no central heating so preventing colds. after a while i started locking the bathroon door and did it all myself and to have my own the age of 14 i had to go to the doctors for a medical , the doctors surgery was a big old house on the main road not far from us and i was taken by my mum in dinner time from school. on walking into the doctors room it seemed like someones front room but without a tv settee and chairs, but replaced by doctors desk and bench and curtains and all the other medical bits and bobs. we sat down in front of the doctor and discussed the medical, (well i didnt but they did). the doctor then told me to go behind the screen and ***** down to my underpants and lay on the couch. i went behind there, shutting the screen and before you know it my uniform was off and was piled on a chair and i laid down. the doctor entered 5 minutes later and so did mum, i didnt think she needed to be there as i was 14 or so now but she was there. doctor did all the usual checks like pressing stomach and scratching me with a plastic sharp stick. he then got me to sit up on the edge of the couch and whacked my knees with his hammer. i then had to stand up on the step that was there to help get up on to the bench and in full view of mum he told me to lower my underwear to my knees. shock horror but i did as i was told straight the way . i looked at mum but she just looked like nothing was happening , but in full view of me with my underpants down. the doctor checked around my groin area and felt each testicle , he then held both testicles and said cough, i coughed and then he felt around my penis, he then said to mum everythings alright and i was left to dress. it was quick and i felt it was a bit embarrasing to have mum present at such an intimate examination. on the walk back to school i moaned a little bit by saying she could have stayed outside the curtain area but she no she couldnt and had to be there as she was my mum and i was still a minor. ..looking back i suppose ,it was only just over a year ago that she was still spanking my bare bottom and washing my hair in the bath. this may have been a turning point as i was trying to keep myself covered up now as i was 14 and over, after this day i never seemed to care so much about being naked in front of her so much, but never walked around naked in the home, sometimes she would just walk into my bedroom and i would be naked but i never ran quick to grab a gown or something to cover up. i believe it was a period of time of going through puberty that made me coy. we of course had to be naked during showers at school after pe on most days of the week and i felt more coy then than i would have been at home in front of mum....i dont know how girls would have felt about being naked in front of any parent as im not a girl , my daughters were never spanked bare bottom by me as i left this deed to the wife, and as they were girls they was naked early in life around the home up until before they were teens....
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Kooboo, I had that kind of exp. a few days ago. I developed a stiff neck that was very painful ~ a friend took me to the doctor b/c I could not drive. 1st shock = locum doctor ~ 2nd = female ~ 3rd = injection on butt by her, with this 6 sjambok strokes from my wife still very visible. She didn't made a comment or ask a Q. Maybe it was good luck that the family doctor wasn't there, but I could have convinced him not to use my backside, but this lady was not interested.

Kooboo's stories often remind me of my own experieces. This one reminds of a medical examination when I was 14. I had two or three recurring incidents with really painful stomach cramps. My mother would take me to our family doctor who would examine me by prodding my abdomen and asking me if it hurt. It never did while he was examining me. Eventually, the doctor recommended that I see a specialist because the cause of the pain might be appendicitis.

My first appointment with the specialist was few days after my most severe caning – four of best. The bruise damage was at its most colourful and the four distinct bruised stripes were quite obvious. I had no idea what was coming. I expected the prodding on my abdomen but nothing more. It certainly never occurred to me that the bruised condition of my backside would be exposed.

After some questions, I was up on the examination table with my shirt undone and the fly of my shorts undone and pulled down a little so he could press and push on my abdomen and ask if it caused any pain. All a process I was quite familiar with.

The next bit was the real shock. The doctor asked me to slip my shorts and underpants down further and roll over and face the wall for an internal examination - something I had never had or heard about before. Astonished I obliged thinking “He'll see the marks!" If ever I wished the floor would open up and swallow me, this was it. Blushing, I nervously slipped my shorts down around my knees and rolled over on my side as instructed. As if having a finger up my bum wasn’t embarrassing enough for a 14 year old, having my caned bum viewed by complete strangers was worse.

The doctor quickly recognised the bruises as the result of a school caning and commented, almost admiringly, that they were "beauties" and asked what I had done to get them. Then it was back to my appendix. I was greatly relieved that my mother had not accompanied me into the examination room as she had always done in the past. I would have died if she had been there when my bruised bottom was exposed to the doctor and his nurse. As I was pulling my shorts back up and before he asked my mother to come in to discuss the prognosis, the doctor asked “Does mum know about the cane?” I told him no and he said he wouldn’t say anything to her. Relief. Patient confidentiality I guess.

At home I had to lie on a bed and I was caned bare until 12 by mum. Thereafter it was with my underpants on. Canings became less frequent at home, but more at school. My mother also asked same teachers to cane me privately on her behave, as I got older.

Some school canings caused no more than red lines, but as I got older they became more severe with more strokes. Then I was always sent to matron's surgery to have my bottom checked. She was a very no-nonsense lady with a heart of gold who had been a military nurse and had, as they say, 'seen it all before'. But there was no namby-pamby preservation of modesty - she'd been present at my health checks and had seen the school doctor examine my foreskin, balls and anus - always done completely naked and usually at least partially aroused by the time he'd finished. <br />
After a beating she would send me behind a small screen in an open surgery with lots of other boys around, telling me to "undress so I can have a good look at you". By that she meant naked. She would put me face down on the examination table to examine my bottom - usually making comments such as "this wasn't much of a caning, was it?" but sometimes, after a particularly severe beating, she would say "My goodness, he's thrashed you good and proper". She<br />
swabbed the cane marks with surgical spirit which sometimes stung almost as much as the cane, and either told me to go away and behave or to come back the following day. If the skin was broken she treated it with iodine solution to prevent infection - that too stung like an angry wasp. After my last school punishment. which was a 12-stroke flogging at the age of 17, she took one look at my beaten bottom and took me in her arms and held me for a long time. But then it was business as usual and out with the iodine.

My mom bathe me till i turn 10 years. i went for medical checking. the doctor was a female. She ask me to ***** my clothes of with my underpants. And i was 15 years. She gave me a small container. She asked me to ********** to get my ***** to test. Lucky my mom was not there and no one was there. she watched me **********. i was shy for the first time. She then heated my penis in a hot steaming water. She pinched my testis. then i was not shy any more. And the she checked my buttocks thoroughly. And she said I'm OK to be caned till bleeding. Cause all this results will be sent to my school. Cause they cane and strap me naked so they decided to sent me for a test.

My mother bathed me until I was ten, and paid proper attention to retracting my foreskin for washing. She dried me in a big white towel, and when I was dry helped me to put on my nightshirt. If I needed smacking, it was done before putting on my nightshirt, so I was always smacked naked. I never thought anything of it - that was the way mothers did it. She handed over responsibility for discipline to my father, but went on bathing me until I was eleven. Father did his duty in my bedroom with me lying naked over the end of my bed - I just did it without being asked because I'd always been smacked naked. Then it was the strap. <br />
When I went to boarding school at the age of eleven I was given a very thorough medical examination, which was conducted behind screens in a very warm room and without clothing of any kind. He listened to my chest, palpated my abdomen and then examined my genitalia in great detail. Checked that my foreskin retracted and found my (as yet undescended) balls. Checked that I had no hernias and then put me over the side of the examination table for a rectal examination. First time I'd had anything in there! And he checked my buttocks - told me it was to check that i was OK to be caned! And of course it wasn't long before I was.

i was spank by mom tilll i was 18 bare bottom<br />
most time over her knees with hair brush some times bending over chair with paddle or belt

I was also spanked by my mother until I was about 13 and had a very thorough school medical like the one you describe when I was about 10 or 11 which was conducted by two female nurses, although not in front of my mother. I had a similar medical examination in front of my mother when I was about 12 though. That one was conducted by a male doctor. I'm not really sure why I had it to be honest. It was shortly before we flew abroad but was much more thorough and intimate than a simple general check up would really warrant I think. Both examinations entailed having my pants pulled down, my testicles examined, my foreskin pulled back and a rectal examination, fingers inserted. When the male doctor examined me in front of mother he pulled my foreskin up and down several times and was more or less ************ me in fact. As I lay on the table wearing just my socks with my pants pulled down. As my mother sat in the chair and watched. He asked her to hold my buttocks apart while he gave me a rectal examination, fingered my bum-hole basically. What was most embarasing for me on both occasions but especially in front of my mother was my obvious rampant erection.

That is the way it was.

our head mistress always caned us over our knickers, the pe teachers both male and female would slipper us across our gym knickers. when school went mixed the senior girls( me inclued ) ofton caned by the head master, across our knickers sometimes no very much of knickers, some teacher would pull up you knickers and whack you across your bare backside.. we still had knickers on. and as for dad s not spanking girls on the bare i got a real thrashing aged 18 when i came home drunk, with love bites and a shorter skirt than went out in, i also got a severe thrashing when i swore at mum and dad heard, i was on hoilday from uni at the time early 20s. we broke the rules and paid for it with sore bottoms

my mother and father used to cane me. always on the bare bum. i was made to lay on my bed for my canings. i love both my parents and thank them for loving me anougth to care about my up bringing. i believe the cane should be back in schools

i dont think it should be an issue for a girl to have her bottom bared for a spanking but i noticed that jennybr stated headmistress rather than headmaster. when i was at school in the 1970s here in the uk a lady teacher could and would have bared both boys and girls bottoms but only male teachers would have done this to boys only. so the real issue that schooldaysfan pointed out appears to be gender issues. if a girl had gone home telling parents that she was spanked on the bare bottom by a male teacher ,i imagine something would be said but the other way round if it was a lady teacher then so be it. at home the spanking of girls in our street was never really heard of, although i do know it went on. had we boys been spanked, an hour later we would be back out playing and talking about what we did to earn the spanking ,( and a little bit of showing off) . maybe girls were a little bit more secretive about their punishment. normally the girls would have been spanked by their mothers but then so were the boys, it appeared then that mothers were the ones to keep order unless something more serious had happened and then it would have been the father who dealt with it when he came home from work. my wife was spanked by her father but with a belt, always on the bare bottom whilst bent over the bed and always 6 of the best. i didnt know that this went on for girls ,i thought it was boys only who had this treatment. as my wife says there was certainly no abuse and she highly respected her father till the day he died. my father was not there when i was growing up so spanking had to be done by my mother and many times this was done on the bare bottom. it did get a bit more embarrassing as i got older, last time 12 nearly 13 but maybe it wouldnt have been more of an issue had it been my father doing the spanking, the same as with a girl being spanked by her mother.i cant imagine nowadays a father spanking his daughter at 12 or 13 years old yet alone bare bottom, now they all dress as adults and seem to have grown up too quick, they are now missing out on childhood. i had a good childhood and so did my wife, it seems a shame that kids now are missing out....

i also had to bend over for the doctor during a medical that i once had, i never could understand what he was looking for . i was only 15 and thankfuly my mum was not there this time. maybe he was looking to check personal hygiene or something, he also retracted my foreskin and checked the end of my penis. this i found to be embarrassing but was of course needed and glad that it was done. as for the baring of the bottom this was not done by the headmaster as it would not be needed for the cane. that cane stung through trousers enough. there once was a teacher who bared my bottom for a hand spanking. this was done in private, and my mum often spanked bare. i have always thought it was to hurt more as the crime was more serious.

I think that the requirement for a boy to have his bottom bare for a spanking from his mother ,father or Headmaster is not nearly as much of an issue as it is for girls .Boys benefit from proper discipline and when it comes from both parents it serves to teach respect for both men and women equally . <br />
Also regarding a school medical inspection, I think here also that boys aged twelve to fifteen should be subject to regular full ***** inspections with both parents present to see their boys healthy development and personal hygiene standards .<br />
The Doctor ,either male or female , as was sometimes the case with me at my small private boys school in wales , should have sufficient time with each boy to allow thoroughness .<br />
I notice as in your comment that your medicals included an inspection of your penis and testicles .<br />
This of course is so important for a developing boy . and helps to get him used to the idea that this is becoming an even more important area for cleanliness .<br />
We also had to bend over for for the Doctor to allow him or her to briefly inspect the anal area .<br />
It`s good that in this country boys are still getting good health care inspections .