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i wrote a story about my first school caning experience and now on to my second caning. after my first caning i told my older brother and he said was it the junior cane or senior cane, i didnt know as i thought it was one cane for all, both boys and girls, although not very often girls, i never realised there was 2 i said. oh no he said there is more than 2 canes in his cupboard as he had seen when he went to the same school and the same headmaster , he was there many years ago before me. he then said that 11 and 12 year olds would have received the junior cane and after 12 onwards it would have been the senior cane. the headmaster had a selection of canes in his cupboard and so would have chose one to suit the age of the culprit. i found myself in his office again less than a year after my first caning and have moved up a year, now age 13 and in the third year. i never thought at the time about the senior cane and just thought i would be caned as i was before.after the lecture he went towards his cane cupboard and opened the door, i never needed to be told to stand on the caning spot as i had been there before, i stood there and took off my shoulder bag, faced the door , he had the cane in his hand and then i thought about what my brother had told me about the senior cane, this cane did look a bit thicker although i never had time to study it, it was still flexable as he always bent it, almost in half. the thinner junior cane stung like mad so what would a thicker cane feel like.i bent over and placed my hands on my knees, at this time he said bend a little further. as i did i felt i had bent over a lot further than last time. he lifted my blazer over on to my back as he did last time. my bottom was now faced right in the air or thats how it felt . this time he placed the cane on the centre of my bottom in the most fleshy part as last time he placed the cane at the top of my bottom, i suppose he was going to use the senior cane and the more fleshy part would absorb the stinging more. i felt him tap the cane a few times on the spot to size up and take aim. there was a silence in the room and then he raised the cane back as far as he could get it and then with a loud whistle he brought the cane down right on target in the centre of my bottom. again like last there was a thud as it hit but no stinging, 4 or 5 seconds later the sting had appeared, water came to my eyes immediatly and it took my breath, the shock sent a funny feeling in my stomach and a sicky watery taste to my mouth. i let out a small yelp and jumped slightly foreward, i then stepped back into place. this first whack really was stinging. the first caning i had stung but this one sure was going to be worse. i gritted my teeth waiting for the next one, still in postion with my hands on my knees i must have stood up a little as he said again bend further. last time i had to wait about 10 seconds before the next stroke but this time it must have been 20 or 30 seconds to let the full sting come through. i felt him again rest the cane on almost the same spot , the stinging was at its full peak and again he started tapping it on my bottom , he then raised the cane back again and with a full swish and a whistle and thud it had landed on target right under the first one , i yelped again but this time a bit louder , i also jumped foreward again , about a foot this time, the sicky taste in my mouth was more and my stomach turning. i could not believe the sting. i stepped back again in place but i think he could see from my expression on my face as it was contorted that i had had enough and he opened the cupboard and replaced the cane. i was allowed to stand and i picked up my bag and stood facing him. he could see that my eyes were watery and my face still contorted as i was trying to fight back the tears, i didnt want to go back to class crying but i was only just turned 13 . this was my first experience of the senior cane.when i got back home after school i went straight up stairs to the bathroom to inspect the marks in the mirror. again like last time there was red and purple lines but this time accross the centre of my bottom. the lines appeared a bit thicker than last but so was the cane. each line was i couple of centimeters or so apart so he was experienced in this task and knew where to land the cane. this time he must have done it harder than last time and i was also bent over further as i noticed that the lines were even inside the partition of my bottom cheeks. i always tried to avoid the cane but never succeeded and was duly caned on many more occassions...
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Alan - your are not the only one to be treated like that. I was around 15 when our junior classics master became assistant housemaster. He would trump up reasons to cane me and I would be ordered to attend his study in pyjamas and dressing gown shortly before lights out. He made no secret of the pleasure he got from caning boys. The first time he had me bend over the arm of his Chesterfield sofa wearing just my pyjama bottoms and gave me six not very hard strokes. He had me standing there, asking how my bottom felt, and then told me that quite often he caned boys on the bare bottom. He was obviously watching, because as soon as my arousal began he smiled and said that next time I broke a rule I would be caned on the bare - explaining that 'on the bare' meant completely naked. He did too - the next time he caned me I was made to remove everything, and knowing what was going to happen was very, very aroused. He took that as a clear signal that I enjoyed being played with, and fondled me for a time before going over the armchair - this time for 12 strokes but to be honest they were more of a stimulus than a punishment. Needless to say. after he caned me he made sure that my arousal was completed before I left. He told me that if I returned for another caning I would be dealt with even more severely. <br />
He was right. The following term I was there again, reported for being out of bounds, and he appeared to have just finished having a bath - dressed only in a bath towel round his middle.<br />
That time he gave me 24 strokes, but they were very light and left my bottom glowing rather than burning. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what he did with the bath towel. <br />
Oh and there's a postsc<x>ript to that event - soon afterwards he was fired - another boy he had treated similarly was stupid enough to tell his younger brother, who promptly told their mother. <br />
Pity - he was my kind of housemaster.

Waiting in line for a bottom caning, my **** wold bulge so much. I knew it would and tried everything to hide it, as we were alaways caned in front of the class.<br />
God, it alaways really stung! My friends and I were always caned over the seat of our trousers, never on our bare bottoms, worse luck.<br />
I have to admit, I loved to wait in line and watch the other boys bend over and see the stick wallop down on their grey shorts.<br />
It's left quite an impression, as it did back then!

Nicely-recalled Zack. I must say that as a UK schoolboy during the 60s, I never had quite your experience, but your account is quite a turn-on.

Alan, I agree ~ the housemaster must have been a prev.!<br />
How do you feel about canings these days?

Hell Paul, you are soooo right! There is a big difference in the pain experience in that case.

The real punishement is to be made to ********** before a spanking/canining as all u have to look forward to is the caning!!!! it really hurts trust me!!!!

I prefer a caning from a woman!

Micheal, I like your comment. Yes, it takes one's mind back a long way. Wanking and comparing backsides after a spanking was the normal practise. <br />
Nowadays it is sex, that's more enjoyable for me than wanking.

Hello Kooboo, I loved your story. It certainly turned me on full, as I am sitting here with my pants off writing this reply and ****myself in between typing ! As Canelove and Slipperedbottom said in their comments, wanking always happens at moments like this. A good old **** certainly releives the mind from the agony in my bottom and to a certain extent makes Life worth living - even with a sore bottom ! Never happened when I was at school all those years ago, but now - oh dear ! it is REALLY naughty ! Strange how short trousers and the cane (strap and hairbrush too) carry me back all that time to boyhood.

Yep, these things happen.

I agree with canelove about wanking after a caning. I was first introduced to this in a curious fashion which shaped my future life's interest in all aspects off CP. At the age of 14 my best friend at school was called to our housemaster for what was expected to be a caning. As the had not been caned before he wanted moral support asked me to accompany him to the study and wait for him afterwards. By this stage in my life I was well and truly fascinated by corporal punishment and welcomed the opportunity of listening to a caning from outside of the study. I had been caned at my junior school but at that stage had not been caned at that school (that changed later). 6 strokes later my friend emerged clearly in great discomfort and we went to our house changing rooms where he pulled down his trousers and pants for me to see his marks. There were six red marks which I touched gently and felt the ridges that the cane had left. When he turned around to my complete surprisse he had an erection.<br />
Let me say that neither of us are gay but put it down to youthful experimenting, I grabbed him and started to **** him - it was very quick as the caning had made him extremely aroused.<br />
When I was caned sometime later I found myself with an erection and went straight to the toilets to **** which took my mind off the painfull beating I had just received.

2doerver a reminiscing story about one of the canings you gave as a schoolmaster would be the cherry on the cake. Please go through it stroke by stroke by stroke.

True!, Canelove.

Yes the warmth after a good caning is great. Looking at the stripes is even better but the best is the wanking later that night going through the caning. I would love to get the run through of a caning from the perspective of the master/headmaster.

When one gets hooked to caning, a new life begins for you!<br />
I always wants more and more = too erotic!!

hi canestripe, its been at least 30 years since my last caning but i can still remember the feel of it. i was never caned on the bare bottom , always over trousers and underpants but the stinging sensation afterwards is something special as you said. i remember i used to hate the first feel of the cane as it landed and the first initial sting, and then the wait for the next one to land. my headmaster was very experienced and knew how to cane. when the eyes dry a little and the stinging begins to subside, after about 10 minutes or so, there is a strange warm feel in the bottom , and a kind of high feeling , maybe at that time i was just glad the ordeal was over. i sometimes lay in bed at night thinking about my old school days, and being back in the headmasters office and reliving the experience. sometimes i feel the same feeling in my stomache as i did all those years ago. there was also a lot of emotional feelings at the time i was caned, aged 12 or 13 and going through puberty, i felt at one point that i was too old to be punished (although now i realise that i certainly was not) .the headmasters cane became a regular thing right up to the age of 16. i was last spanked by my mother at 12 years old on the bare bottom in the privicy of my bedroom, this also brought on some mixed feelings. at 12 and at the start of puberty, i felt a bit embarressed about my mother spanking my bottom bare, although she has seen me naked and was still washing my hair in the bath. this spanking hurt as much as my pride...

Hi Kooboo. I enjoyed your story and remember my canings both at school and many times after leaving school. Once one is hooked on caning it becomes a fetish to enjoy.I love the cane and have found it is at it's most enjoyable when applied to the bare buttocks.The initial sting and the burning sensation afterwards is something special. I like the thin cane which stings like mad and when the thicker cane is appled the welts that appear are great and the bruises are certainly felt for a few days.If you you find it uncomfortable in trying to sit for a day or two after a session then you know it was a great success!! I have had thin and thicker canes applied at times as also the plastic sjambok which leaves beautiful bruises and to sit for a day or two afterwards is certainly a challenge!!<br />
Canings and sore rear ends grow on one and I love it

The diameter of the most used canes differ between 8mm to 12mm. The Singapore one is 15mm!<br />
All the memories, yes. ( my previous name = oupa)

Kooboo, you told the story really well - brings back many memories.

Yep, my bottom knows the cane!!<br />
Thanks for the story.