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i have wrote before about the cane marks left on the bottom and how long they lasted. another member made a comment about my marks that lasted 3 weeks. he stated that the caning must have been done at will. i believe it was. some of the stories i have read say that their marks lasted for days, others would say a week or so...mine lasted at least 3 weeks, maybe longer. i was only caned by one person ever, so i cant comment on how hard others were caned compared to mine . i imagine all caning hurt no matter who did it. my old headmaster was the one who caned me on a number of occassions starting at the age of 12 and a half and the last one at 16. he was an older chap who had been at the school for many years so very experienced in this department. he was not a sadist or a big man, he was always very calm and seemed very nice. he came accross a bit frightening when telling me off in his office whilst looking over his glasses with his face close to mine. there was never any bare bottom caning, nor count out aloud after each stroke. although it was rumoured that anyone caught with padding or wearing shorts, had to have it on the underpants with trousered lowered, but i never knew this to ever happen. i wouldent have taken the risk to wear shorts for this reason. school trousers were very thin with no pockets on the back, they even had a shine to them on the bottom after sitting on wooden seats in lessons (polishing the seats moving around). his office was small but long with just a desk and a cupboard, a bookcase and some bits on the wall. it was the only office that had a carpet i believe. he would point to a spot on the floor and say stand there, face the door, and he would take out his cane from the cupboard. it looked big and swishing but i cant remember any crook handle. it wasent really thick but looked menacing. he always took his time and eventally said those dreaded words..BEND OVER. there was no chair or desk to bend over but hands on the knees to steady oneself. this bending seemed very important to him as if you werent bent far enough , he would say i little further with a gentle push with his finger tips on the shoulder. he would then raise the back of the blazer and fold it over the back to expose the bottom. he would stand to the left side and he seemed to stand quite away from me with his arm outstretched and restng the cane on my bottom and lightly tapping once or twice. i couldent see any more as i was facing the front but im sure his arm went right back behind him so he could get a good swing in that small office. he caned very hard as the whistle and whack of the cane was loud as it landed on target. i never felt any thing for a few seconds ,,then a searing sting erupted. i had never felt anything like it. i felt him size me up again, tapping the cane just under the first stroke. . a rush of pins and needles went from my bottom around to my private parts , into my stomache and up to my mouth where i had a sicky watery taste appear. another loud whistle and my second one had landed. i jumped a foot or so ahead of me but then stepped back. eyes watering i heard him open the cupboard door as he was putting the cane away. i stood up and faced him while he was giving me a lecture. my bottom was stinging like i had never felt before. the sting lasted about 10 or 15 minutes till it became bearable. at home i looked in the mirror to see 2 purple tram lines, after days these went to a bright red and eventually fading to a yellow colour after a couple of weeks. the cane seemed to wrap around my bottom on inpact and my right buttock had marks that lasted longer than my left buttock. due to the bending , i even had marks in the crevice of my bottom cheeks. i believe his theory was to cane very hard but to give just a few to discourage a return. to be given 6 like that would have been unbelievable. maybe it also looked better on record that he only gave 2 or 3 strokes rather that 6 of the best. i know others had 6 of the best from the stories ive read on experience project and i believe my old headmaster has given out 6 before and i wouldent question this, but my 2 really hurt. and the marks lasting 3 weeks or more. bear in mind that i was only 12 and a half at this time, maybe the bruising lasted longer on me for some other reason, but my buttocks were a healthy 12 year olds and i was very fit and solid. he had a reputation of a hard caner and believe me it was hard. i never knew any boy who wanted a repeat dose and i certainly didnt, but i did get many more times. i had recieved corporal punishment in the home and at school before this, which was a spanking , sometimes on the bare bottom, done hard and over the knee but nothing compared to the cane, and trousers and underpants offered no protection....
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i also agree ,,he was never a sadist...well i dont think he was...he did cane hard though. and also he did make me bent over to the right position that he requered. it was severe but i did deserve it on all occassions. he has passed on now but had i had the occassion to talk to him i would thank him,,believe it or not. he knew best..

We used to get four strokes of the cane at school as a minimum, on our trousers, bending over like you.

I know that drill, Kooboo!<br />
Mostly mine was 3+ strokes.

A list read out on Friday morning of boys to be caned at 4 pm and waiting for that time to arrive. Then waiting in the queue for my turn to come. Hearing the sound of caning taking place a few feet away and then entering the room to see the chair in the middle of the room, punishment book on the desk and the duty master waiting with cane in hand.These things I remember as being almost as bad as the actual caning itself. Then the strokes, just as you all describe here. Bring back the cane!

I also had a "name read out at Friday assembly" experience but only had to wait until recess at 11.00 am. There were about 12 of us and the offence was pretty trivial - it would not even rate a mention these days. As we waited outside the gym where the caning was to take place, some in the group claimed previous experience with this teacher and assured us he only had 2 speeds - 3 or 6. As the offence was trivial, it would likely be "only" three. He was a powerful man though so three was enought to cause me to be very terrified about the impending situation. The teacher duly arrived, marked our names off his list and ordered us to line up in single file inside the gym. In some vain expectation of salvation, I positioned myself towards the back of the queue which is the worst thing to do. It just prolongs the terror. We all watched axiously as the first boy stepped forward and bent over to make sure it would only be three. Whack ... a pause "Next". Phew, not even three just one (a good solid one though). Thankfully the self appointed experts about this teacher's caning ritual were not that expert.

I could only hear a slight swish, before the cane made contact, then for a split second it didn't feel too bad. Then a burning sensation took over, made worse when the cane criss-crossed over previous cane lines.

My experiences are similar to those of Kooboo. Apart from one caning of four stokes, I never received more than two strokes at any one time. At my school, any teacher was permitted to cane and about half did, so I was never caned by the headmaster in his office, only by teachers. You had to do something really bad for the head to cane you and usually something bringing the school into disgrace. Canes were straight handled and we were never caned bare, never had to count the strokes and mostly did not bend over a chair or desk. Instead we just bent over, often without even being told, with our hands on knees and got whacked – quick and efficient punishment. One time I was told to bend over with my hands on a window sill and the first time I was caned, at age 9, I was instructed to touch my toes. I was so terrified that time that I started to cry as soon as the teacher picked up the cane from his desk. Fifty odd years later, I still clearly remember bending over, shaking like leaf and tears streaming down my face and clouding the view of my fingers reaching for the toes of my shoes. <br />
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I was always terrified when being caned. Even at age 16 and after experiencing several canings, adrenalin would pump through my body, my heart would pound and my legs shake. Despite this fear, I was always privately proud of the marks and inspected them in the mirror each day and was disappointed when they faded after two or three weeks. One time I put a mark in my diary on the day I was caned and it was almost 7 weeks later that I finally accepted that the last faint trace of bruise had faded. I never flaunted the marks in front of others and canings terrified me so much that I never deliberately tried to get caned to get more marks. <br />
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Every caning hurt massively and, every time, I was surprised by how much it hurt because it is easy to forget the intensity of the pain between canings. The pain from the first stroke seems to come in two waves, the first wave being a sharp, painful stinging sensation which peaks and fades very quickly. As it is fading, the brain just starts to register that it’s over and, about one second later, the second wave of a far more intense, agonising, searing pain penetrates deep into flesh and muscle tissue of the bottom. I don’t remember ever noticing the two distinct waves after the first stroke. I think the bottom is then in so much pain that only the second wave registers on the subsequent strokes. <br />
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I was never conscious of the sound of the cane when on the receiving end. The swish and crack is unmistakable when others are being caned and is so loud that it could even be heard when canings were in the next classroom or in the corridor outside. In my case anyway, I think the senses of fear and pain just overwhelmed any consciousness of the swish and crack sound.

I also remember shaking like a leaf as I was bending over for the cane with tears rolling down my face

I recently came across an interesting photo on a blog (see link below). It is almost exactly how I remember the cane being used when I was at school as described above. The only difference was I never had to bend over with my hands on a chair, although, once I did have to hold a low window sill with much the same effect. Even the uniform the boy is wearing is almost identical to the one we wore (in black and white anyway).