The First

I was always afraid of the cane at school.At primary school..i don't remember any girl that was caned...but I do remember any number of boys coming back to class crying their eyes out...and in grade 6 our classroom was by the Headmaster's office so we got to see boys waiting and then emerging from the office bawling and rubbing their bottoms...and we could feintly hear their howls coming from the office....but for me I was to wait until I was..13 and in form 2 before i got my first caning...and I found out that I was right to be afraid of that swishy cane.A caning is excrutiating and definitely to be avoided.However due to my foolishness I got it a further 4 times during my schooldays. I had no excuse and did deserve every caning I got.But my Headmistress was very experienced in dealing out a swishing making every stroke sting like the dickens and mark your bottom for days and days...
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Did you find it exciting knowing that these boys had been bending over and had their bottoms caned.?

But I am sure that the caning taught you some boundaries and you benefitted later in life when you were able to set you own boundaries.