Caught Smoking

I went to school in the north of england during the 50`s and 60`s in my 3rd year (13) I caught smoking ( I did even like ciggy`s) by the headmaster.
He just grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to his study,everybody in the school was watching and knew what was going to happen next .
The headmaster was very anti smoking and he went on and on about the evils of smoking, he took away my matches and player`s no 6 (very small tipped ciggs) and destroyed them.
He then ordered me to lower my pants and bend over and grip the far side of his desk ,he then pulled my underpants to my knees
the first stroke felt white hot, I had never felt so much pain before by the third stroke I was in tears and stood up begging him to stop but he gave me a warning to bend back over and every time I stood up I would get extra strokes. I then kept bent over sobbing for the next 3 plus 1 extra
I was then sent to my next class.I was not allowed to stand up during the lesson and I am sure the female teacher got some pleasure from my pain.
I had 7 raised welts across my bottom and they soon became black and blue and lasted for over 2 weeks .
This wasn`t the only time I was bent for the headmasters cane but I will always remember the first
sorebut sorebut
56-60, M
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Getting caught smoking or just in possession of cigarettes guaranteed a caning when I was at school.

I have been tears and pleading to be let off the remaining cuts