First Secondary School Caning

“Six strokes boy!”
I heard a swish. The stroke landed, burning a stripe right across the middle of my backside. Sir lined up and landed a second almost on top of the first. I howled as the searing smart increased. A few seconds later the third stroke landed, this time on the top of my thighs and boy did I yell! My bottom was on fire. I could feel three welts burning across my bum cheeks. The fourth bit and the fifth landed. This was by far the hardest so far. I roared in agony. My hands flew round to comfort my stinging backside. I could see nothing now for my tears.
“Move your hands and get back in position , or I will add extra strokes”.
Slowly I resumed the bending position and waited.Then cane thwacked for the last time. I screamed as it cut deeply on top of the third, at the top of my thighs. I held on for dear life and began to sob.Great heaving sobs as at last I was given permission to stand up.
I stood there, my hands gripping great handfuls of my cane striped bottom cheeks, tears rolling down my face, while Sir entered the details into the punishment book.
Out of bounds during name.....Form 1b.......six strokes of the cane.....I fought to get my crying under control as I left the office..but I was having a devil of a time doing so and arrived back to class with the wet tears streaming down my face...I have never forgotten those 6 cuts and never will
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Know the feeling I never forgot any of the times I was caned or the circumstances around them. Its like they are burned into your memory

I think caning is more or less an English punishment. American schools that still have CP use the paddle. However, some of my childhood spanking were bare bottom with a willow switch. My mother did not hit as hard as your headmaster could, but she laid on many more than six strokes1

6 very well layed on strokes or cuts as you call them

Yes Sir...they certainly were well laid on cuts

The cane hurts like hell doesn't it?

The first 6 of the rattan rod is not forgotten as you write in your evocative story

I got the full six because my action was considered to be 'dangerous and foolhardy', which I suppose, to be fair, it was. I was also (helpfully) informed that it was the caretaker's job to retrieve lost balls.

Six strokes for a first year for being out of bounds seems a little harsh. In the second year seniors (12/13) I got three strokes for the same offence, and my bum felt like it was on fire.

The Headmaster considered it a form of truancy and I assure you I never did it again...

I never did it wittingly again either, but in the fourth year I got six of the best for climbing onto a low roof to retrieve a football, which the deputy head put as 'Out of bounds' in the Punishment Book (which I had to sign).

Hell, you had it!
Excellent account, thanks.

That was very severe. Being out of bounds only earned me two strokes the first time and, even then, only after being warned a few times before. Six strokes was mainly reserved for very serious or repeated offences.

That's true for us as well Jody, although the definition of 'serious' offences differ a lot from teacher to teacher.

It differed a little, some teachers would slipper us for things other teachers would just reprimand us for. The trick was knowing which teachers viewed which offences as serious. ;) Our gym mistress would slipper us for almost anything, messing around in the showers got me six on my bare wet arse several times - that really stings! She'd also slipper us for things that most teachers would send us to the Headmaster to be caned for but her slipperings were no better than the cane so we didn't gain much there.

In our school, boys only received the cane ~ just the no. of strokes differed according to the transgression and how regularly you were a visitor to the Heads office.

They didn't discriminate where I went to school (it would have been against the law) so girls who misbehaved were treated just the same as boys who misbehaved - the slipper or the cane. A lot of us preferred it to detention or lines or punishment essays anyway so, in a way, it worked to our advantage.

How were girls punished in your school?

I think it was because it was considered dangerous (which I suppose it was). Indeed he described the act as 'dangerous and foolhardy' in his little lecture before he caned me. He also helpfully pointed out that it was the caretaker's job to retrieve lost balls.

Incidentally, six strokes of the cane was not unusual at my UK boys' school in the 60s. In fact, I believe it was the usual dispensation for older boys (4th/5th years), and for fighting. Younger boys typically received 3 or 4 strokes with a lighter type of cane.

Most canings at my school were 3 or 4 strokes, 6 was reserved for the more serious offences, especially if repeated. Classroom slipperings were mostly 2 or 3 but 6 wasn't unknown.

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