Title? Well It's How I Lost My Virginity I Suppose

I suppose many girls my age dream of losing it in a romantic sense...candles, music the one they love. It seems a lot nicer that way...In a way i should be embarrassed how i lost mine.

It was August, 2008. I was 14 at the time and i believe he was 17 or 18. I did have a bit of a crush on him, mainly because he reminded me of the lead singer from Billy Talent..Who i personally thought was gorgeous. I was also homeless, my mum had kicked me out the night before and so i had no option but to sleep rough. He stayed in an abandoned car park that night to make sure i was safe and the next day we seemed to have a bigger connection. We returned to that car park...level 7 to be precise...there were building works so we knew no one would come up and catch us...it wasn't planned but we started turning each other on. Mainly in order to wind each other up...Next thing i knew he was telling me that he wanted to take my virginity but only if i wanted to. My silly response was, "yeah well i suppose someone's got to so go ahead"
It was a little painful for about 10 minutes and then i began to enjoy it...we are still friends now and have a laugh about what happened.
Im 16 now and also been diagnosed as a nymphomaniac also known as hypersexuality. how time flies eyy :D
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he didn't get you ready, which he should have done with his tongue.......