My Older Sister's Friends

It wasn't really sex but I still remember it as one of my very first sexual experiences. My older sister is just over 4 years older than me. We grew up in the countryside in the 1950's, and in those days, kids really had to make their own entertainment. There were several kids of about the same age as us in the neighbourhood and we all used to play together either riding our bicycles, or more often than not, making dens in the woods near to where we lived. The dens would become our little hideouts during the long summer holidays. We'd find a little clearing big enough for half a dozen of us to sit, and then weave branches around it so that in our minds, we were in a secret hideaway where no-one could find us. I don't remember exactly what ages we were but I guess for my sister to be still playing games like this, she was no more than 9 or 10, so I would have been 5 or 6.
The kids I remember specifically are two of my sisters friends, Jenny and Susan. Susan was the same age as my sister, but Jenny was just a couple of years older than me. I remember they were usually there when my sister used to get me to do it. We'd be playing around setting up the camp, and I can't remember how it usually came about, but my sister would ask the others if they wanted to see my "willie" (which is what we called it). They would say they wanted to so I'd be told by my sister to show them. I don't think I minded showing it so I'd do as I was told. I'd undo my shorts and take it out. There would be loads of giggles and my sister would tell me to make it hard, and before long she'd tell me to remove to remove my clothes. So there I'd be, naked, with a little hard-on while all her friends looked at it. No-one ever touched it as far as I remember but my sister used to get them to hang things like my shorts, shirt or their cardigans on it, then tell me to twitch it so they could see how strong it was. There'd be more giggles and eventually, I guess everyone got bored and my sister would help me to get dressed and we'd go home.
She always told me not to tell my mum what we'd been doing so I knew it was naughty.
Such innocent fun. I wish I could re-live those days now.
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Did they do this a few years later??