My Older Sister's Friends (2)

Again, I can't remember exact ages but I think my sister would have been about 13 or 14, making me 9 or 10. It was in the same wooded area that I mentioned in my previous story, and probably another summer holiday. Again, it's not really sex as such but just another of my earlier childhood memories with a slightly sexual theme. The group involved this time were my older sister (she always led me astray), Peter, her friend from across the road who was about 14 or 15, my friend Richard from over the road, and Jennifer. We were all playing around in the wood just generally messing around. My sister called to us all to "Come and look at this". We went over to where she was sat with Peter and she said to him "Go on - you said you would.". With that, he stood up, pulled his trousers and underpants down to his knees and lifted his shirt to reveal what I remember was an enormous fat, flacid ****. I remember it looked so thick and fat compared to mine or Richard's. He was quite proud showing it off and my sister encouraged us all to touch it. She then asked Peter to "do it" for us so he started to rub it up and down. It went from huge to very huge as it got harder. He kept rubbing it and we all stood around in a semi-circle watching, amazed at how big it was. After a while my sister said "Go on, Pete, do it - you promised you'd let them see". With that Peter started rubbing harder and then to our amazement the thick white *** spurted out the end. I remember him squeezing it to get it all out. It was all over the big head of his penis and his fist which was still wrapped around it. Jennifer was the first to comment and said "Eugh! - what's that?". My sister proudly replied "It's ***** - it's what makes babies inside a woman". She'd obviously seen him do it before and knowing her, she might have even done it for him..
I'd never seen anyone *** before either. I knew about wanking (or "rubbing" as we called it then) but all I ever got was a nice tickly feeling at the end. It was my sister who taught me how to do that too, but that's another story.
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So...... about the next story with sis.....