Playing “the House” With The Neighbors.

 I don’t remember much of all the details that entangled this experience, but I do have some very vivid images about it.  I’m sure these images did not happened in the same day, because once I was introduced to this game called “The House”, I played it in a regular basis.  I was about 8 years old and the people that introduced me to this game were my two female neighbors. Sandra was 9 years old and her sister, Maria, was 10.

 We lived in a courtyard type of building.  A big patio surrounded by rooms for rent.  There were two bathrooms for all the tenants.  To enter this building, you would have to walk from the street through a narrow and dark corridor that took you to the squared courtyard.  There were a total of 4 families living there.  They all had kids around my age and we all used to play in the courtyard.  There was a total of 6 kids, plus my cousin who liked to come and hang out with us.  It was fun living there.  We were indoors, relatively, so the adults didn’t check on us and their curfews were not strict.

 I think it all started when a big old wood cabinet was placed in the dark corridor almost against the wall.  It became the perfect hide-out place.  The compartments were big enough for us to lay down inside.  They became our rooms.  We even placed improvised curtains to have more privacy inside each individual compartment.  In my mind I see this cabinet as huge.  I was probably really short at that time.

 The female neighbors, who were the oldest of the bunch, had the idea to play “The House.  My cousin and I were the oldest boys, so they decided to make us their husbands, while the rest became our “children”.  All was fine until it started to get dark and the two girls said it was time to go to bed.  The “children” went to one side of the cabinet and the “married couples” to the other.  I was in one compartment with the 9 year old girl, Sandra, and my 8 year old cousin with the 10 year old girl, Maria, in the one next to ours.

 It was time to “sleep,” so that’s exactly what I was going to do.  I had planned to pretend to fall asleep for a few minutes, then wake up and continue playing.  I laid next to Sandra, she told me I was supposed to hug her, I did.  Then, Sandra told me that also we were supposed to have sex.  I had no clue what she was talking about.  She told me that usually, under their covers with her sister, they used to watch their parents having sex at night, which it was easy for them since they had only one bedroom with their parents’ bed was right next to theirs - that’s what parents are supposed to do – She told me.

 We were laying inside the compartment.  First, Sandra asked me to kiss her.  I reluctantly leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers; instead she opened her mouth and put her tongue inside my mouth.  I remember never liking the kissing part of the game and having to do it because that’s what parents did and because I liked what followed next.  Then, she told me I was supposed to touch and rub her butt.  So she lifted her dress up and pulled down her panties.  I was really nervous, but I went for it anyway. I was really curious to feel her private parts.  I touched her butt cheeks, slid my fingers through her *******, her vagina.  Then she told me I was supposed to kiss her in the neck and her “breasts.” I did.

When she asked me to pull down my pants, I was too shy to do it, so I pretended the zipper was stuck, but she didn’t give up, instead, with some difficulty, she slid her hand inside my pants to feel me up.  I don’t remember her trying to literally jerk me off; she didn’t know how.  She would just grab my penis and move it from side to side, like in circles, but she found it difficult, so after a while she just gave up and let me do all the touching, while she kept on kissing me.  Hey, if that’s what it took for me to have my hands all over her body, so be it.

 There was no penetration involved.  As far as the girls knew, sex was the act of rubbing, touching and kissing each other; that’s all they were able to see their parents do in the dark.

 The next time we played House, we decided to switch partners.  I was afraid that maybe Maria, the 10 year old, wasn’t going to be as giving as her younger sister, but to my surprise she even turned it up a notch…

To be continued.... 

Adritar Adritar
26-30, M
Mar 4, 2010