I never tried skirts when I was young, tried on moms and grandmas underware and pantyhose. One Christmas my wife bought me what she called a bath skirt made of terry cloth. I would wear it all I could, some times all day. It finally wore out, so I made a skirt from my old work jeans and wore it all I could. Early last year I started wearing pantyhose for leg pain. The first time I wore them with my skirt I was hooked. Now I have a kilt, another jeans skirt, and 2 skirts made from nurse scrub pants, my wifes old ones. I cut out between the legs where the material had a hole and viola, a new skirt. 1 cut just below the knee and 1 full length. So much cooler and with hose on even cooler
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I'm more drawn to a nice above the knee skirt suit, love the professional feel. The funny part is, I hate men's suits

Well my first jeans skirt is above the knee. Sometimes my panty of my control tops shows. Lol

I'm more of a stay up thigh high person.

My wife bought me a pair. A little too tight. They try to roll down after a while