It was a soft rayon fabric in burgundy. This skirt came from my moms closet. I was home alone and just had to get feminine! I went to her dresses and got a silky pair of panties. I slipped them on. Wonderful. Next came a pair of silk reflection pantyhose in gray. I felt exquisite. Then I stepped into my first skirt. I loved the wispy brushes it made as it danced against the hose on my legs.
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Ohh what a feeling...!!!

My first was my mother's navy mini skirt, and I wore a pair of her pantyhose also and some sling back pumps, I loved the feeling so much, now I have my own female wardrobe and still love to wear my female clothes anytime I can and someday would love to become female a lifelong dream since wearing my first skirt.

My sisters pink, plaid skirt

I remember the intensity of those days, sisters panty drawer.....

Ahhhh yes the memories you hust brought back to mind.!!!

That wispy feeling IS exquisite, isn't it?!

I love that feeling too it is so very nice

From that day, I was a dedicated skirt wearer.

I wish I could wear a skirt a lot more often than I do

Me too. Oh I'd love to wear one to work everyday!

Same here that would be heaven

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