Mine was at summer time home alone and I wore my mother's navy blue mini skirt and the feeling was like no other feeling I had before, so I took it off put on a pair of her pantyhose then put the skirt on again and felt even better, so I put on a pair of her sling back pumps and felt even better yet, then I got a pillowcase and put it over my head and was able to pull it down to my waist and was instantly hooked on the feeling I got, that today I made my own 6 foot pillowcase. I put on my own pantyhose and I put a leg from another pair of pantyhose that I cut off and put it over my head and pull it down to my neck and get inside the 6 foot pillowcase and tie it shut below my feet, eventually I will handcuff myself behind my back and enjoy the feeling of not being able to get out or having a really hard time getting out. The feeling is so undescribable, I do it all now except the handcuffs, soon I will do it with the handcuffs and will be even more enjoyable.
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Sounds like fun to me xxx