And Probably My Last!!!

All my life I wanted a tattoo.  My Uncle Ray had a hula girl tat on his leg and he could make her dance.  Every time we went to the beach with my cousin I would beg Uncle Ray to make her dance (much to the chagrin of my mother) and he always laughed and made her hula for me :)  I was only 3 but I thought that was the cat's pyjamas and I wanted one!!  Okay, fast forward a few years and I found out you had to let them use a needle to give you that tat.  HOLY CRAP!!! I thought about it and decided I didn't want a tattoo anymore, I would just admire them from afar. 

As the years passed, the desire for my own tattoo only became stronger....aah, but so did my fear of needles :(   Some would tell me it didn't hurt at all, just a buzzing sensation, and others would be honest and say it hurt like hell if you got one on your foot, ribs or down the center of your back so just be careful of the placement and it wouldn't be too bad.  Hmmm.....I still put it off thinking it was just a whim on my part and I'd be happy without one of my own.  Not true!!

Last year (yes, I know I'm old but I feel you shouldn't rush into these things!)  I finally got up the courage to have my first tattoo.  I decided to get a small tat on my back, upper right shoulder, and drew out a picture of exactly what I wanted.  I  asked a friend of mine to go with me for moral support.  Okay I'll be honest, it was so I wouldn't run!  We went out to eat and I had a very large Margarita.  We stopped to visit a friend and I had another very large Margarita.  My friend thought we should definitely make one more stop on this lovely Saturday night to have a drink (biggest Margarita I've ever seen) and a dance.  He was on to me, he knew if he didn't liquor me up I'd never go through with it!  Smart man :)  When it appeared I was good and giggly he said it was time....dum da dum dumm......we were on the way to the Golden Lotus tat shop.  Suddenly, my palms were sweaty, my heart was racing, and my mouth was so dry I couldn't swallow!  Oh gawd this was it.....

I thought I did quite well!  I only cried twice, gritted my teeth until my lips went numb, and grabbed a part of the tat artist that I will not mention here but, needless to say, the poor man still cringes when he runs into me in town.  I know what you're thinking, "Geez what a woose!"  Yep, I'm thin skinned and made out of marshmallow cream and have NO problem admitting to being a baby when you stick a needle in me!!  There aren't enough Margaritas on the planet to make me smile while having a tattoo.  We stopped off at the local 24 hr. drug store to pick up Aquaphor and antibacterial soap and , of course, ran into everyone I knew.  It was break time for the local cops and  every one of them insisted on dragging the bandage off to take a look at the masterpiece.  This is when the adrenaline rush decided to wear off and the Margaritas kicked in hard!!  I was laughing and dancing all over the parking lot and my friend had to catch me and carry me back to the car before I was  arrested by my friendly cops for public intox. (They still laugh and threaten to use the breathalyzer when they see me lol)  It is a Saturday night I will not soon forget!

I was able to get most of my first tattoo done in one sitting.  The shamrock is beautiful, the flames shooting up from it are vivid and realisitic, and dude did a great job on the smoke curls even though I may have made his toes curl.  I am supposed to go back and  have writing put on but I haven't mustered up the courage for that yet..... one day, I promise to do it.  When I get this small but beautiful tattoo in honor of being Celtic Wiccan completed, I think I will stop.  It will be my first and my last tat and that night will forever be burned in my memory.  (I figure my local tat guy just breathed a great sigh of relief!)

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Woweee Kiddo.... I found the joke and screamed laughing.... teehee... I still hear the air crackling and sputtering. I didn't know you had it in ya!!! What a hoot you are sometimes :) Mwah

NO JOKES????? After what you said to me over the wand and crystal??????????? Oooh, that is so not fair!! Ok, no jks here but I'm sending you one via gmail that will make the air crackle :)

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy to see my friends need a bit of liquor to get past the needle , too ;) I thought I was the only chicken in the crowd. Aaaw, I love butterflies, I bet it's a beauty.

You ain't weak Miss G. I have a small butterfly on my hip. Took lots of Jack Daniels courage to get that.

Isn't that the truth, Miss AE?? I tried downing every Margarita this side of the Mississippi River but it wasn't enough and I still felt the needle zipping in and out at the speed of light and it HURT. Reece tells me I'm just weak.... hahaha, DAMN SKIPPY I AM!!! Lol, and the tat guy who did mine is very happy I will NEVER return. He walked funny for a week after my visit =)

Tahaha welllllzzzz, I don't know, I just hate them with a passion! Comes from childhood and I can't get over it. They are NOT harmless in the wrong hands..... I can do it myself but I TRUST NO ONE when it comes to poking around on moi with pointy thingies! (no jokes please....I know what you just thought....naughty girl!!) Now be good and go get your tat, it will be a beauty on you, and I am so very proud of you, Miss AF ;) Mwah!!!

Yes, I suppose that's what counts, Miss Giggles. I just never heard of a doctor (and ESPECIALLY an M.E. ) who is afraid of needles! You stitched yourself can you be so afraid of a little harmless needle?! Nut

Hellzzzzzzzzzzzzzz NO, if you tell him that he'll probably do one of two things....strap your hands to the table (teehee) or run!!! Hey, I finally got it done so that's what counts!

Omg you are funny! You didn't tell me any of that when you showed me that tatoo!! Well, I'm ready for the guy at the Golden Lotus so do you want me to tell him YOU sent me? lmbo

Oh, well that would do it. I had to take shots twice a week when I was very young and I would run from the Navy corpsman trying to hang on to me. My kids always laughed at me cause I ended up being a doctor and yet I have a total fear of shots! Like you, I refuse to get a flu shot. So far, so good. The only time I actually had a bad case of flu I had taken the flu shot.and it didn't do me a bit of good!

Hahaha, yes, the margaritas were good, I'll do that again any time! But no more tattoos :( That hurt like crazy. I think I will just admire the tats on my husband and forget getting any more on myself!

That's better :) hahahaha


**digs in little black doctor bag,......needle, cat gut, scalpel, bone cutters....okay check** I'm readdyyyyyyy!!!


lol I know, but it HURT!!!! Hey, I didn't cry when I put my own stitches in :) and I bet I know how to make YOU cry and yell for your mommy! ..... oh, wait, I AM your mom....hahaha that's even better!