I10 Adult Video Store

In days gone by the old I10 Adult Video Store near Studemont in Houston was more popular than most nightclubs.
Hundreds of hot guys would head there for action 24/7
I decided to visit the place on a Monday since on weekend the place was packed.After paying my fee and getting buzzed into the arcade area, a new world of decadence opened up to me, it was like a wall to wall roman ****.Dozens of Guys lined the walls with visible erections in their pants. Many of the booths had the doors open where guys allowed you to watch them having sex, others left the doors open while they got or give oral throw glory holes in the wall. The large room at the back had two televisions hanging from the ceiling, but the crowd of guys standing round were all watching and waiting to join one of several gang bangs that were going on.After only about 10 min of walking around I found the one i wanted, a young cute preppy type guy in beige plaid shorts and a white UT shirt i stood next to him while he watched the public gang bang and reached over and started to rub his crotch, we stood there in public rubbing each other until we both knew it was time to find a booth, once inside the booth i sucked and rimmed him for at less an hour, he went down on me and took it all the way to my balls.We both shoot loads over the already sticky floor, zipped up said thanks and exited the booths, I walked around some more found a hot young Latin boy who wanted to get screwed took him to a booth slipped on a rubber and rode him like the lone ranger rode trigger he moaned and groaned and took it like a man. My first visit to this video store on a quiet Monday afternoon resulted in me hooking up with two very hot and sexy guys. I went back on several occasions, but the video stores popularity proved to be its down fall. Police raids netted Politicians, educators, religious types and some famous locals and like the fall of Rome. The I10 Video store was sacked !
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Any other.places in houston?

I remember that store well....unfortunately,now it's closed.

Quite a few years ago, a good friend of mine took me to that location. I had never been to an adult video store and was confused when he handed me a pile of tokens and motioned for me to go through the arcade door. I was suprised when I stepped through into the dark. My eyes adjusted and I started to wander around. There were only a couple of booths with someone in them. I found an empty one and put tokens in the video machine. The picture was distorted and the screen was dirty. I didn't know the videos weren't the point. I stayed in there about 20 minutes before I went back outside and waited for my friend. He laughed when I told him how my experience went and said he would tell me more about what to do next time. We never went back there though. I wish I would have known that night what I know now. I would have had a lot of fun.

Fkin hot--I really like all the action at the booths in a video store. But like your town, all the local ones have been shut down, and I only get to play when I am travelling and find one near the highway.

Wow. Hot story. Wish I was there again.