My First Time

I had already been sucking ***** for quite awhile and mostly as a girl, but they were all separately arranged or they were guys I'd meet at clubs and suck off in their car, and maybe repeat that a few times during the evening.
But one day I was working and on the road, it was lunchtime, and I saw a sign up ahead for a video store and pulled in.
The lot was packed and I didn't know what to expect so I went in and the manager told me I needed tokens so I bought some and went in the back room.
The room itself was full of guys hanging around but some of the booths were open so I went in one and put in some tokens and brought up a gay *********** video. It wasn't a minute later when a guy poked his head in and said 'what do you like?' and I said 'I like sucking *****' and he came in and opened his pants.
He asked if he could leave the door open, and I wasn't sure about that because I was as my guy self, but I said OK and took his **** in my mouth sideways to the door and I noticed a bunch of guys watching me from the doorway. I slurped on his **** till he moaned and shot a load in my mouth, and he said thanks and left and another guy stepped in.
In the next hour I gave ******** to a half dozen guys one after another and then it got slow so I left the booth and went out front.
I asked the manager if it was always like that, and he said it was at lunchtime and right after work. And then I asked him if any trannies ever came in, he said they didn't, and I asked if it would be OK if I came in dressed.
He said 'sure' and from tat point on I startd going regularly, once in awhile as my guy self at lunchtimes when around but mostly as a girl after work on my way to dinner and then my club.
And as girl it was even better, a much larger crowd, and I was hooked.
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Sep 13, 2012