Mom Put Me In Diapers

When I was 6 I han an older sister who would dress me as a little girl. She had friend who's little sister was 4. They would come over and then dress me like the other little girl. They would put me in a stroller and off to the park we would go be with the other little girls. When my mother found outshe wanted to see me dressed. After that she bought little girl clothes for me. And put me back in diapers, not pampers but real diapers. She liked having a baby girl in the house again. She would dresss me up always put on a clean diaper and even gave me a bottle. A couple of times I was changed right in the ladies room. I never thought about it then. but today I would let her do it all over again.
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2011

Lucky you. Sounds fun n exciting. GREAT story

would've loved to be in your shoes, deleted. You share a awesome life story, and thank you so much for sharing this one. :)

It's a shame this got deleted , as I would of like to know how long your mum kept you in diapers for and was it only at home , or if she ever took you out dressed as a girl in diapers , and did your sisters start to diaper you to , put I guess I want find out !