I Was Put Back Into A Diaper.

I remember my first time being made to wear a diaper. My Mom left me at my Aunt's house while she ran some errands. My Aunt had two boys, both younger than me. I was about 4 years old and out of diapers, but I still had occasional accidents. My cousin's were both still in diapers. In thise days all young children wore cloth diapers and plastic pants.

I was having such a good time playing with my cousin's, that I neglected to use the toilet, and wet my pants. When my Aunt discovered my wet clothes, she put me in a diaper and plastic pants, since she had no other clothes for me.

I just continued playing. I didn't mind the diaper at all.

When my Mom returned, she was upset. She took me home still wearing the diaper and plastic pants. I had to wear them all day. they were quite wet that night when she removed the diaper and put me into bed. After that anytime I wet my pants, she would diaper me and make me wear it all day. Sometimes, she would remove my wet diaper at bedtime and put me in a fresh diaper overnight.

After a while I learned that if I wet my pants, I would be diapered. So I began to wet myself on purpose in order to be again put into a diaper.

After I started school, I stopped wetting myself due to social pressure, but I would stuff a towel or other cloth into my underwear and pretend it was a diaper.
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You where a lucky boy , I wish I had been put back in diapers/nappies !