Would You Mind?

It was in the summer holidays and I was wearing ordinary underpants having been late out of nappiesand then needing to wear cloth training pants because of having too many accidents or not being able to hold it on buses or in town a long way from the toilets.

My cousin Helen came to stay and I was told she would be having a fold up bed in my room. She was a year older than I was and at this time we were about 9 years old. This worried me because I quite often wet the bed. Because of this and to save washing I wore underpants instead of my pyjama trousers at night.

Helen came with her parents and we met them at the bus station. It was about a mile from our house and we all walked back with my dad carrying Helens case. On the way I realized I needed to have a poo and worried about not making it.

It got so urgent that I stopped walking. Mum saw what my problem was and told me to go behind some bushes and nodded to dad intending him to come with me and help. I didn't make it and messed myself. I started crying and was told not to worry as we were nearly home. Helens mum then said that these things happened and that Helen had wet herself and needed clean knickers just before they left home.

This didn't, make me feel much better but she had another accident later in the day after her parents had gone home. Mum made sure she didn't feel bad about this and we kind of understood one another and felt less embarrassed about our toilet lapses.

At bedtime Helens case was unpacked and I saw she had lots of knickers including a couple of pairs of the kind of training pants I had recently stopped wearing.

Mum helped us get ready for bed and showed Helen where the potty was. Then very delicately she explained that I sometimes still wet my bed and that no one worried if it happened. This came as news to me by I realized mum was wanting Helen to feel comfortable.

Mum then said that after my accident she had been talking to Helens mum and agreed that we had both probably been worried about the other knowing we sometimes went in our pants. She then said it was difficult sleeping in strange rooms and that if we wanted we could both have nappies and plastic pants at night and that she thought my rubbers would fit Helen or she would get her new ones in the morning.

Helen looked relieved and nodded her head. She looked at me and I ddidn't want to look too eager so just said that it was OK by me.

We were got ready for bed and after mum had left we talked for a while and then. Dad came to turn the light out. Helen asked him if she could ask auntie a question. Mum came back and was quietly asked what Helen should do if she needed a poo in the night. Mum said to just use the nappy because that was what it was for, but if she wanted it taken off she could wake her up.

That was how the nappy bucket came back into my room.
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Jan 20, 2013