She Made Me Wear/use a Diaper24/7

I'll never forget those first 6 days in a diaper.My x-wife and I loved to do kinky stuff.You see I work construction (framming)so when a job is finished I'm out of work.But it's easy to find another job site the next day if I want to.(they always need frammers)So I got home that day and Gloria(my x)said sense the job is finished why don't you take the next week off,you need a little rest.Ok sounds great to me(we had planty of money in the bank,so a week wouldn't hurt)I have 2 surprises for you,my time of the month started this morning and so did yours.I thought what is she talking about and she handed me a bag of plastic diapers.Here, you are going to put these on and use them 24/7 until I don't need my pad anymore.I looked at her and thought(wow this is real kinky)but I said ok and ******** down to nothing and took a shower.When I came out of the shower she had my first diaper laided out on the bed and told me to lie down on it.Now raise you legs up and spread them,and she wraped the diaper around me and stuck the tabs in place.(I got to admit my johnson got hard)Now she said that is going to be your toilet for the next 5-7 days.Now she said when you get wet or poo,let me know and if you have been good I will change you.The first time I peed it felt different,funny and good all at the same time.I did hold it for as long as I could,but finally I had to let it go.She did tease me a little telling my how cute I looked in my diaper.Now you are really my big baby she would say.The first time I felt a little embarrssed and she knew it.Different huh she would say,well get use to it, it's going to be a long and fun 5-7 day's.The next morning was a really different thing.She looked at me and said"coffee?"with that happy looking smile on her face because she knew what coffee dose to me and I knew she couldn't wait for mother nature to come knocking.Well I knew it was coming also and I held back for as long as I could.When after awhile I stood up she knew why and told me to stand right in front of her because she wanted to watch.Now you got to understand nobody has ever watched me poo before.Well I stood in front of her and she saw that look on my face and started teasing me.Here it comes isn't it?,come on my big baby you can do it.Boy that was the hardest thing I think I have ever done,but I did it.Now she said"have a seat,go on sit down"And that was the 2ed hardest thing I ever did,but I did it.Now she said you just wear it for awhile until I am ready to change you.Well that went on for 6 day's and was I glad it was over,but it was so much fun we started doing it on weekends.That is the firsr time I ever wore and used a diaper.

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You are one lucky man. I have been looking for a woman who's into this for over 20 years with no luck at all!!

Yeah it took awhile to find her.I like being bad to make her make me wear it.I like when she makes me stand in front of her and poo my diaper and then makes me put on a girdle on top of my poo diaper to hold it tight againist me.(Oh I get so hard).

i wish someone would make me wear a diaper and change me. just got to find the right person. The idea of having to be good to be changed and having to wait if youve havent been good is good. I really want someone to change me like that

Well I did.I found one about 6 months ago,she loves to diaper me and make me use them.She makes me beg her for a diaper change and if I have been good she will do it,if not I have to wear it (poo and all) until she thanks it's time.(I love it)

I enjoyed for a bit with my ex too. Then she turned the switch, wanted no more of diapering, and now she's gone. Would be nice to find a sharing woman, wouldn't it?

Yeah I know,I enjoyed it to and I miss it.

That was certainly a different take on the first time. I enjoyed it

Yeah thanks,it was great.And now trying to find another woman like her isn't easy,but I'm not giving up.

that sounds great, wish someone would MAKE me wear a diaper, but i have to choose to, and nobody knows. Think its great how your ex made you sit in your poo nappie for a while

sounds like fun