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Mommy Diapered Me

I was potty trained and stopped wetting the bed sometime around my third birthday.  I was pretty mature for my age, and even dressed myself and changed into my pajamas by myself.   I stayed dry for several months, and then, for some unknown reason, I started wetting the bed again.  My mother put a plastic cover on my matress and put up with the wet sheets for a few months, and didn't say much.  Then one night, out the the blue, she told me: "Carl, don't  put your pajama bottoms on tonight, because I'm going to diaper you."    I came out into the living room wearing only my green flannel pajama tops with little airplanes on it.  My mother had me lay down on the sofa, then she grabbed my ankles with her left hand, lifted my bottom up off the sofa , and slid a soft cloth diaper under me. 

I looked over at my Dad sitting in the rocking chair across the room and saw him watching me get diapered.  I didn't realize it at the time, but the look on his face could have been described as jealousy.  I didn't know until about twenty years later, but he was a bedwetter until he was a teenager.  Maybe he was a diaper lover too?

She powered my little peter and then pulled the diaper up between my legs and pinned it securely with stainless steel diaper pins.  Then she grabbed my ankles again, lifted up me diapered behind, and slid a pair of green snap-on Gerber baby pants under me.   She pulled them up between my legs and snapped them.  I slid off the sofa and went to bed. 

The bedtime diapering ritual continued for a number of months until Mommy went into the hospital to give birth to my baby sister.  My grandmother (my Dad's mother)came to stay with us kids and take care of us while Mommy was gone.   At bedtime, my older brother told Grandma:  " Mommy always diapers Carl."

Grandma replied: "I think Carl is too big for diapers"  I was aged four years, two and a half months at the time. 

When my mother came home from the hospital with my baby sister, she wouldn't diaper me any more.   Apparantly Grandma said something to her, so Mommy never diapered me again, even though I repeatedly asked her to. 

 I continued to wet the bed until I was about 12, but had to settle for just plastic under the sheets, but Mommy diapering me was the start of a love of diapers that has lasted over 50 years

Carl2229 Carl2229 56-60, M 2 Responses Aug 5, 2009

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Great story.

Thank you

There is something very tender and caring about being diapered. I was too young last time I was diapered to remember it, but I'd like someone to diaper me sometime. I don't wear them at all but have been thinking of buying some to wear at night when I have my period. Who knows - maybe I would like it and wear them at other times, too.

Hi Kerowyn,
If you deside to try wearing a diaper, I can't recommend cloth diapers enough. They are so much softer and having them pinned on seems so much more babyish. And plastic panties come in so many style such as prints or even pretty rumba styles all covered with a lacy bottom. I must warn you though, they can definately be habit forming. I know cause I've been hooked on them for over 60 years now and still love them as much as ever.