My First Horrific, But Awesome Eperience!

i got interested in them when i was 9 years old!

stole my little sisters GoodNites, she was 7 and i was 16, got caught.

then was forced an enema made to hold it for 2 1/2 hours, then it exploded in the GoodNites!

was given a lot of water to drink and was given a sedative.

when i woke up, my step-mom was standing there telling me to get up so she can spank me,

by then that little GoodNites was so full it exploded, so my 7 year old sister was told to put me in a baby diaper size 6, then a big bulky adult diaper, the kind used for obese people, she then gave me 2 more enemas(an oil one, and a saline one.

then was sent to the bath room, to go in the tub and wash up, on thing, i was put in locking plastic pants, and was soaking in baby bath.

then my step-mom shoved my whole body under, i leaked , then she shoved my head under.....

Then my butt exploded again!!

was taken out, and dried, only my body that had skin showing,.  sister got me ready for the day, got me dressed!

then was sent out to the beach, the mall, and the park. 

saw a few people from school at the mall when my butt exploded for the final time, i was bending over and trying to push it out. my belly hurt,

i must have looked like a constipated toddler!


ever since then.


GoodNites4Ever GoodNites4Ever
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

What's an enema

cool i enjoy them to if only my parens would let me hav them