My First Time Getting Caught With Pantyhose

ahhh i rember the first time i got caught wearing pantyhose well i think i was around 13. as a kid my mom would a lways be wearing pantyhose to work so i was used to seeing them but one day wen i was around 11 i got the erge to try on a pair so the next wen i got home from school both my parents were still at work so i was the only one there FYI (i am an only child) so i bolted in my moms room and got a pair on dark brown silk pantyhse then i got rght back to my room closed the door and tried them on i loved the feel of them as they gently touched my legs. so that nite i slept with them on and man were they comfortable. but the next day i put them back not keeping them so every day i would snek into my moms room and would grab a pair of pantyhose and sleep in them for the night. but on that one day i went tp my moms room and was just looking through her droor of pantyhose i heard the door pen i completly froze not knowing wat to do or say i felt my whole body sahking just as she came in the door i rushed to put the hose back in her droor but just i was doing that she came in the door and said wat are you doing i simly said nnnnnnonthing and she looked at me a little then walked over to me and said give me them so i put the hose in her and a looked at the floor in shame. she tiltede my head up and said we need to hav a tok so we both sat down in the living room and told me to take my pants off and i kinda felt akwrd but she said dont be skared so i did as she told me then told me to sit down beside her so she handed me the hose and said here il show you howto put them on so she told me to put one leg in then puul it up after she showed me how to put them on and said there you go all better. she ased me if i would like to wer hose all the time and i quikly responde YYYEEESSS so we made a deal that it would be are little secret and she would ever so often give me a pair of herold pantyhose. and that is wat happened wen i got wearing pantyhose and yes i did jack off wen i wor them cuz they made it feel so much better.

the end
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Lucky s.o.b.

lucky. my mom would freak.

cool story. least she was understanding about it. I remember when I asked my mom for a pair of her black hose. she didnt ask why. just gave them to me.

awesome story...can I be the next boy for your mom to help?

Great Mom ;-)

Nice that your mom was understanding. I enjoy the "I got caught wearing pantyhose" stories on EP to read how the person reacts to catching the CD in nylons.

I use to wear my mother's at about the same time. Apparently I was tearing them. She come out of her bedroom one time and showed me a tear and asked me if I knew why. I never answered her and just played dumb. I would wear her panties and pantyhose off and on. I *********** while wearing them.

I was caught by my mom when I was 11. So she bought me some pantyhose<br />
of my own.So I wouldn't go in to her bedroom.

Awesome story, I can relate as my mom was the same way

Awesome story, I can relate as my mom was the same way

Your mom still around

Very cool Mom you have. Is she aware that you still dress?

Feel free to add me.

Did she know about you jacking off with them?

ya one time wen she was changing into them i walked in and she really didnt care that i was there so i watched .