My First Time

I eagerly await your arrival, you come in with no hesitation. I lead you to the bed room, we share a bit of alcohol to clam my nerves. You lean in and kiss me and i feel your hands explore my body grabbing my **** and squeezing them. You then start to take off my clothes. You have complete control over me, you look into my eyes lay me down on the bed and spread my legs. My ***** is so wet thinking about all the things you will do to me. You slide your finger into me i quietly moan, you start licking and sucking on my **** putting your two fingers in to me feeling how tight i am before you take me. Curling your fingers up on my g spot wanting to make me squirt for the first time, i moan and moan i cant hold back any longer and *** squirting for you, your so glad to make me do this. I tell you i want your **** so bad and you tease me rubbing your **** on my ****. Then suddenly i feel you guide your **** in to me. it feels good 1, 2, 3 inches and it starts to hurt, i put my hands on your chest and push you. You place your hand around my neck and you push yourself into me more and more. I'm moaning uncontrollably, your **** is all the way in it hurts and you keep it there letting me get used to it before going out. You slowly move in and out of me and i *** again. You smile and keep going telling me you love ******* my virgin *****. You start ******* me harder and deeper, i *** again. You tell me to get on the floor, i do as told. I go to suck on it but you keep your hand on it and tell me just to put my lips around it. I start sucking it putting it in my mouth as far as i can spit dripping from your balls. I grab them and play moving my hand to your **** as you take yours away. I work my tongue all over it and suck it so tightly and for so long, i cant believe you haven't came yet. I look up at you and your grunting, you grab a fist full of my hair and push my head on your **** i gag and tear up try to pull my head back but your to strong. I feel your **** pulsate your ******* in my mouth, you take your **** out and breathe hard and you watch me lick up the rest. You tell me to stroke your **** to get it hard again, it takes so long. You bend me over my bed and stick your **** in my ***** its so wet, each time you take it out rub it against my *******. Every time you do i tense up thinking your going to stick it in. I'm scared i don't know if I'm ready, you assure me you'll be gentle and tell me to relax and it wont hurt as bad. I try and you stick a finger in and get it ready for your ****. You slide the tip of your **** in, i breathe hard you push in slowly i feel every inch of you stretch my *** out. It seems less painful. You push and push its so tight but you get it all the way in. I tell you it hurts so bad and you take it out wanting me to enjoy the experience. You go back in and out going a little faster each time, i tell you i think I'm going to *** you get excited and start going real fast rubbing my **** i *** so hard. Now you know i love anal sex your happy and grab my hair pulling it back to bite me showing your not done yet. Your so close to ******* you pull out and collect your self you want to keep ******* me, you don't want it to end. You start ramming it in i love pain your ******* my *** so hard, you pull out and push me down to the floor. I go to wrap my lips around your **** and you *** all over my face stick your *** in my mouth to be swallowed. Were out of breathe and cant do anymore, you get dressed and tell me it will happen again.
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18-21, F
9 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Wow! Very Hot! You are a good writer in capturing this. Well done.

holy f****** storyt I'm pulling my c*** so hard right now

When was your first experience, if I may ask?

When I was 18

It was an amazing experience, thanks for sharing. I envy your friend :)

impressive story.........

A beautiful story. I do love a good little submissive :) Id also love to be your friend :)

That was hot!

Superbly written, very arousing great story!

your attention to detail is great !

if this was the first time, how was it the last time?