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My First Time : I was 16

My friend's parents were out of town for 4 days, so she and her brother threw a house party.
At the party, my friend pointed at this really hot guy, who i recognised as a football player who was a year older than me, she said he had a huuuge crush on me. So, I went up to him, We started talking. His name was Darren Then it was dirty dancing, where he grabbed my legs and touched my butt.

Then we decided to go upstairs to the spare room, because it was really loud downstairs. He got a condom from the brother's room. And when he got back, I undressed him, and he undressed me. He took off my mini dress, then he started playing with the lacy fabric of my bra, then he unhooked it. He took off my underwear and grabbed my butt. We started making out .. we were like ... animals. Saliva .. everywhere.
Then, when he was still grabbing my butt, i wrapped my legs around him, and he stood so that my back was against the wall, he entered me and started thrusting. He was doing it so fast I cried out!

It got really embarassing coz we were both moaning loudly, so loud that someone came in and started giggling at us. We yelled at him to get out and then, still carrying me, Darren walked over to lock the door.
This is when things got really dirty.
10 minutes later, we dressed and when downstairs, because we heard someone yelling at the door that we were going to play spin the bottle.

When it was my turn to spin, the bottle pointed towards my friend's brother! so, i walked there to kiss him. It was just a friendly peck, then he was frenching me and sucking on my tongue .. and i thought ' what?? that's kinda weird '
So when it was over, i went back to sit at my usual place, and her brother was giving me dirty looks!

After the game, I got drunk and started making out with her brother! we were like ... dry humpin, and i felt something hard nudge me in the VJJ, from his jeans. omg ... he was having a *****?? :O Then he grabbed my butt, and like, the nudging was getting even harder so he kept pushing me closer and closer to the point where we couldnt even get any closer ...

So we went to the hottub next to the pool, behind the house.
******** down to bra & panties and he started grabbing at my boobs. this was all kinda weird coz ive known him for 3 years as a friends brother ...
He went under the water and put his head in between my boobs and started licking ..
in his thin boxer material, i could still feel 'it' nudging me, so i took off his pants and grabbed it.
i shouldnt have done that because he got overly excited and he bit a part of my boob!
like omg .. so then we stopped.. and i slept over at the house, in the spare bedroom, i felt dirty sleeping there, because i had just had sex in that bed with darren half an hour before i did it with my friends brother!
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Yikes. I hope you used protection in both cases.