About 2 Years Ago.....

I was at my best friends 18th and my parents were away for the weekend, so I was determined to party pretty hard. I had drunk quite a lot, and had taken some "enhancers" when I sat down with Jess. Me and Jess had a pretty weird relationship. We both liked each other, and we both knew that, but she was so,so,so far out of my league, and I was pretty awkward with girls at the best of times, so when I talked to her, that would really play on my mind. To put it into context, the time before this that I met her, she was really dressed up, while I was in a black flag t-shirt and a pair of battered old black jeans that stunk cause I had just spilt  bong water on them.  We talked for a  bit, then wandered away from the party to talk in private, and the before mentioned alcohol and "enhancers" had really made things seem a lot simpler between us then before. We eventually made our way back to my house, which was just up the road. When we got there, we headed straight for my bedroom. When she ******** off, I remember thinking about not having sex with, but just staring at her, I was sort of entranced by her beauty (that sounds really corny, but its the truth). And the sex was pretty good. I hear a lot of people saying their first time was ****, but this definitely was not. I woke up the next morning, suprised that she was still lying next to me, half because i still realised she was way out of my league and was amazed that she would even come to begin with, and also because I only had a king single bed, and it was a pretty snug fit for both of us. Then again, lying in bed with her asleep, curled up next to me was really something, it was the happiest I had ever felt.  I'm still with her today, although it's been a bit of an on off relationship, it still feels great every time I see her next to me.
Montlebarn Montlebarn
18-21, M
Jul 17, 2010