I Felt I Wasted Two Years; By Not Having Sex Sooner

I was 18; working, living on my own and applying for college when I finally had sex with someone who turned into a steady boyfriend of two years.
…. It was like a light switched on; that week alone we had sex at least 30 times and I continued to want more! – In fact I was upset that I didn’t have sex sooner! – All those High School athletes I could have nailed but didn’t because “I wanted to wait”; I could kick myself!
I believe it’s totally a mental thing. To this day if I don’t have some kind of action (whether it be sex or ************) for longer than 24hrs I get very fidgety.
The guy wasn’t incredibly good-looking or endowed _ _ _ it was the act itself that was incredible.
scason scason
22-25, F
4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Your story makes no sense whatsoever!

honey, you shouldnt kick yourself because you didnt have sex sooner. kudos to you for waiting, your rep is clean to anyone who remembers you from high school.

damn gal, i havnt felt lik dat evr since

how would you like to get it on with a 15yr old