I Was 14 When It Happened.

I remember it very clearly. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend, the only thing i do regret is that we'd only been out for 1 and a half years.
We're still together and have been together for 7 years.

Okay, so i don't remember the date or day but i remember it being the day of the garden/swimming party at his house.
Everyone else stayed in the garden except me and my boyfriend.
He needed to get changed after swimming so i went up to his room with him.
I went to the bathroom and changed quickly into a dress and went back to his room.
I didn't realise he was still getting changed. But he had jeans on and no t-shirt.
I kissed him quickly and then started to walk away.
He pulled me back and kissed me more.
We kissed for a few minutes and then made out on his bed.
I slid my hands down his trousers and felt that he had an erection.
This turned me on even more. He took off my dress and took off his jeans.
He lay me down on the bed and then kneeled above me.
He kissed my mouth, then my cheek and then down my neck.
He kept kissing down my body and massaging my breasts.
I rubbed the hard lump in his underwear and he started to moan.
He lay down on the bed and i sat on top of him.
I slowly took off my underwear and he took off his and put on a condom.
He gently and slowly started inserting his **** into me. It hurt a little but it got better.
After a while i had my first ****** and i felt him shaking, i knew he was going to ***.
He let out a soft moan as he came.
He collapsed onto the bed and i lay down next to him and he hugged me for a while.
After ten minutes we both had a quick shower and went back outside to the party.
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Very lovely story, very happy that you two are still together.