First Time

It took me long. Not because I had promised myself to save it for my husband. And not because there weren't any willing boys around. It was just because whenever I met a guy and things were heading in the direction of "making love" I suddenly felt a sort of big NO inside of my body. Yes, I did feel aroused and I did want to have sex. But every time I would feel this "no" in every cell of my body and I would let the man down and run away...

And then one night I met him. We were hanging out with friends and had a couple of beers and he started flirting with me and at one point he kissed me. At the end of the evening he went with me to my house. And every single cell of my body said "yes". How I could explain the light that he lit inside me that night. Yes, there was blood and yes, there was pain. And no, I did not have an ******. But in that physical and biological moment I somehow found universal harmony. The great balance of all things.
In the morning when he left, I went for a walk, and I can assure you, the grass was growing for me only and the birds were singing especially for me. Everything was in perfect harmony and I was the very centre of that harmonic universe.
I did not really think that he would call me. I thought I must had been for him just a one-night girl. Why would I expect him call me? We didn't even know each other very well. I didn't regret - it was worth it anyway. It made me feel not only a woman, it made me feel as if I was the beloved daughter of mother nature.
But he did call me.
After a couple of weeks we moved in together.
We've been together 5 years now.
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Cuckoo,<br />
thnx for the nice comment,<br />
Further please tell your partner that cuckoo is not alone, and he well be bit careful to handle you with care,<br />
all the best

I will do. <br />
Not only from that experience, but from many others I've learnt that we should always listen to our hearts, more than to what so called "experts" say. I am sure your heart knows the way to your happiness and it can guide you if you let it do so.

that d pure love u r in,<br />
keep enjoying all moments till u end up in marriage with some one who is not the same.<br />
wish u good luck and please pray for me too !!!